A Small Delay in Block Two…

Happy Independence Day to all Indians across the globe!
Not very good news at my end this morning. My laptop is bothering me no end! It has a screen all stretched out – just looking at which is driving me crazy. And the wi-fi is not working.
To get back to the beginning, it crashed a week ago back and had a lot of “bad sectors”. I got it back from the service centre with a new hard drive this morning. Thankfully, they have managed to save all the data, which includes all the detailed designs and templates for the Round the Year Quilt. (All except the photos, which they are still extracting from the old drive! I have my fingers crossed – that drive has all my pictures from the last ten years!)
But it seems they put in the wrong ‘driver’ and the screen resolution is all wrong. And they can’t find the appropriate ‘driver’ for the broadband! They have connected it to the net through a cable, but that is painfully slow. I can take a short nap in the time it takes to move from one page to the next!
To cut a long story short, you are not going to get the pattern for the second block of the Round the Year quilt until I can get it in some kind of working order!
This is being posted from my iPad, by the way!

While you wait and I can master my ill temper and get working on that laptop again, here are two more gorgeous Dahlias and a divine lotus that some very talented ladies have made! Enjoy!

Tina Katwal's White Lotus
The sacred White Lotus by Tina Katwal
Diptee's Gem - the Torquoise Dahlia
Diptee Raut’s Dahlia in soft aquas
Sobana's Indigo Dahlia
The Indigo Dahlia(or `Nilopatal’ as she like to call it) by Sobana Sundar

A Bouquet of Beautiful Blooms!

It is a lovely rainy day today here in Jaipur – the monsoon is in its full glory!

To add to the cheer, here are some lovely dahlias – and a lotus!

Devi Nair's purple and orange Dahlia
Purple and orange Dahlia by Devi Nair
Prabha Mathew's yin and yang!
Prabha Mathew’s blue and gold beauty
Anuradha ramesh - Lime and purple
Anuradha Ramesh’s purple with a pop of lime
Pink lotus by Jaya Parker
Jaya Parker’s pink lotus!

If your Dahlia is not featured here, it is because I have not received the necessary go-ahead from you!

Meanwhile, there are many more Dahlias at the budding stage – am waiting eagerly to see the full bloom!

There is something very special coming up here soon – a guest blog by Jaya Parker, who discovered a technique to piece the dahlia without any paper piecing – using just strips! I am not giving away anything more – only telling you that her method is so easy, that I am inspired to make a king size quilt of dahlia blocks!

So do keep tuned in!

Next block on August 15th…and tips for the Dahlia block

Many of you who are doing the Round the Year Block of the Month Quilt got your fabric a bit late and there are still others who are beginners to paper piecing. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a full month’s time to complete your Dahlia blocks.
Paper piecing can be a bit confusing in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you would not want to piece any other way! Just remember a few basics
– Like in any other kind of piecing, “right sides together” is the rule.
– The wrong side touches the paper – or will touch the paper when pressed out.
– Keep your seam allowance approximately 1/4″ when piecing. Accuracy is not essential at this stage.
More tips when we piece the next block!
Next, the assembly is proving a bit tricky for some. Before you begin, please refer to the Master template and arrange your arcs in a circle…


When joining the arcs, you need to stagger the arcs…So that the edge of section H1 joins not P5 but P4!
This picture might make it clearer. Right edge of D1 from the paper side is attached to left edge of L4; L5 is joined to E2 and so on.

Hope that clarifies matters!
Meanwhile, I would love to see your completed ( and incomplete) Dahlias on my facebook page!

While all my Dreamcatcher patterns are free and will continue to remain so, may I suggest you visit the webpage of my favourite NGO Samarpan and donate whatever you deem fit towards the wonderful work they are doing to spread joy, peace and happiness through the world?