Final Countdown – A Dozen More…

The first four completed blocks. In all of these, the background is pieced to circle wedges/ quadrants.

A quick photo post to share the four Round the Year blocks completed.
Clockwise, beginning from top right, these are

Block Four – Sapphire Fire

Block Two – Evening at the Pond

Block Five – Venus at Dusk

Block Thirteen – Feathered Star

You want to make your own blocks? You can find the links to the free patterns from the Round the Year page.( Link above) 

Final Countdown! And Then There Were Two…


I used glue on the final seam, near the centre , to get a perfect finish!

 Today, I joined the Sapphire Fire circle (Block Four of the Round the Year BOM quilt) to its background. When I had pieced this block, I was not very happy with the pale blue I used and even thought I would replace it, but now quite like it. I think it adds a glitter to the Sapphire! 
I joined the block in eighths, which was not such a good idea, I believe. There were too many points to match on the bias. It would be better to first join the adjoining one-eighth wedges of the circle to make quadrants and then join them to 1/4 squircles ( my term for square minus circle). 

When joining the dark background half to the lighter half, I pinned the circle edges together and began at the edge of the square, moving toward the centre and stopping just short of it. Similarly from the other end. I then put a thin line washable school glue On the seam allowance, tugged the halves to match the centre point, pressed and then sewed the seam at the centre. Result? Perfect centre! I also pressed all eight seams in one direction to make the centre lie flat. 

For the Venus block ( Block Five), I have joined the eighth wedges to make quarter circles. I have finished pinning Venus as well as Evening at the Pond ( Block Two) to their background pieces.  I will share my learning on the best way to attach the circles to the background after completing these blocks, hopefully, tomorrow! 

Final Countdown! Round the Year Quilt

I still do not have enough background fabric for all my Round the Year quilt block circles, but I  have started working on them in any case. The first block that I finished is Block Thirteen, the “Feathered Star”.

One done, fifteen to go!

Those of you who are making the block may have noticed that I have reversed the background of the square, so that light part of the circle is highlighted against the dark background and vice versa.  The first pic below shows the way it was planned and the second shows how it was finally joined.

Decided to go with Option 2 as it would show up better in the final layout of the quilt!

This is the only block circle that was made in sixths of a circle, so the background squircle ( being equal to square minus circle) was cut in 6 pieces. Each was joined to a wedge. The wedges ( including respective background) were joined in threes to make one half of the square and then the other.

I pressed the seams in a whorl, clockwise, to reduce the bulk in the centre!

The seams are pressed all in one direction to reduce the bulk at the centre.

You must be wondering which layout I am finally using for the quilt?  Here it is! Layout Option 3, which finishes at 100″x 100″.

The background will use three shades of blue, the deepest at the edges of the quilt and the lightest in the centre. (Shouldn’t it be the other way at dusk? Light at the edges and dark in the centre? Artistic licence – the blocks show up much better against a light background!) I have enough of the deep blue; it is the lighter blues that I ran out of,  as I used them up to make my “Seasons in the Sun” quilt. I will calculate exactly how much fabric to order after using up what I have at hand.

Please admire the almost perfect centre of my feathered star, while I go off to cut fabric for the Venus and Sapphire blocks! They are the only ones joined to the backgrounds in eighths, if I remember correctly!

Centre of attention!