A higher point of view

I sketched the Moti Dungri (Pearl Hillock) fort some 25 years ago from the terrace of our single storeyed bungalow. The sketch is not dated, but I guess it must have been 1987 from the date on the preceding sketch in the notebook. It must have been a winter day – one would not be on the terrace otherwise! I had never used crayons to colour my sketches earlier – this was a precious Crayola set ( I remember the green and gold packaging) which my son had got as a present from his Aunt in Canada!


Then Jaipur started growing vertically. Our neighbours on the West went up 4 storeys, and Moti Dungri was not visible any longer – not from the lounge window, nor from the terrace. Five years ago, we also decided to grow vertically and our beautiful house was taken down to be replaced by an ugly nine storeyed apartment block. One consolation – the Moti Dungri is visible to us again! Yesterday, as I sat with guests in the living room, I happened to glance out of the window and saw this!

I made an excuse and ran to the terrace to capture the majestic fortress outlined by the rays of the setting sun.
The sun is actually setting a little to the left of the fort. The ipad camera could not capture the richness and brilliance of the sunset – here the colours have been enhanced to what I actually saw. This is how the camera saw it…


Webs we weave

Oh! What a tangled web we weave…

So, early the other morning, as I was about to enter my kitchen, I was stopped in my tracks by something on the door frame.

Rush to get a duster? Not me! I did dash…to get my camera to capture this !

Gossamer – what a lovely word it is, too. Just delicately rolls off your tongue .. gossamer…

So is `cobweb’ a lovely word …like a long forgotten dream that tries to surface from the past…tugged at by something in the present …

This web reminded me of another web I had photographed a few years ago … equally intricate.

This was taken when we visited Bhagirath Place (or is it Palace? In Delhi one is never sure)…

This is in Old Delhi – North India’s biggest market for electrical items. The shops in this market, I presume, get their electricity supply through this (illegal?) `web’work. As necessary for their livelihood as the spider’s is for its own!

Patchwork of my life…sew many colours

I discovered patchwork while in college. The college  bookstore had a fascinating book called “All about patchwork” and I saved money to buy that. It was a princely amount of Rs.15 in an era when an orange bar was 25 paise and a choc bar was Rs.1.25. ( i still have the book – it needs a lot of patchwork, though – and some pages are missing) Scraps were not much of a problem as most of us stitched our own clothes.

I immediately launched on a grandmother’s flower garden hexagon quilt, cutting up paper hexagons, tacking them on to the patches, whip-stitching them together. I had about 20 double rosettes ready in two years and then I got impatient! so I joined them together – and made a bedspread.


Cliched as it may sound, it really IS difficult to begin.

So let me begin by explaining the logic behind calling this blog betukbandi.

I wanted to call it rhymenoreason, but amazingly(?) someone already had the idea.


Well,  betukbandi is a play on words.

be-tukbandi“=  `be‘  (without) tukbandi  ( an illogical  rhyme for the sake of rhyming  )

betuk-bandi” = betuk (illogical/ awkward) bandi (female)

This may not seem to make too much sense, but this blog is about sharing  the things I do – for no rhyme nor reason – just because I enjoy them and they help me relax.

That includes painting, patchwork and quilting,  a little bit of photography and some `tukbandi’.