Southward Bound on a Rainbow on Day Three

This is where I stopped today…

The needles are done- now to decide on the fabric for the wedges!
The needles are done- now to decide on the fabric for the wedges!

I realized that the orange and red wedges have been interchanged! But we’ll call my friend Jack tomorrow to set those right!
I will also decide tomorrow what fabric I will use for the wedges.

Now to watch some television 🙂

Layout Option 3 – Round the Year Quilt

So here we are, on Layout Option 3 for the blocks for the Round the Year Block of the Month Quilt. You may also like to see Option 1 and Option 2 , which were posted quite some time ago!

This layout, inspired by the Chopsticks Quilt Pattern found on, is my favourite! I shall probably be using this for my quilt, using two shades of blue for the background, instead of the greys here.

This makes a 100″ x 100″ quilt, with plenty of negative space to showcase each block and to show off your quilting! Bonus – you get to use all of your scraps for the chopsticks!

With this, my work is done.  I am yet to join the circles to the squares, I will be stay in touch as I share with you my learnings during the process.

I hope you have been enjoying this whole journey, which now nears its finish line!

Happy quilting and please keep sharing your blocks on my Facebook page!