The Dreamcatcher: Round the Year Quilt

Please note that the downloadable pattern and instruction files for the quilt blocks are being migrated to my store MadsPatch and are not available for download here from 15th November 2020 onwards.

Introducing the Quilt

Paper piecing tips resources and specific tips for these blocks

How to set the circles in squares – freezer paper method

Layout Options

Layout Option 1

Layout Option 2

Layout Option 3

 The `Dusk’ Colourway

Fabric Requirement (Beware – this is only an approximation!)

You can see all the completed unquilted blocks here.  You can also see how I quilted the blocks!

You can see the completed quilt on this post and here!

Block Patterns and Instructions

Block 1 Dahlia

071414_1308_DuskRoundTh1.png BUY Dahlia PATTERN HERE

Block 2 Evening at the Pond

081514_0804_AnEveningat1.png BUY Evening at the Pond PATTERN HERE

Block 3 Card Trick

082914_1606_2.png BUY the Card Trick PATTERN HERE

Block 4 Sapphire Fire

091514_1458_1.png BUY the Sapphire Fire Pattern HERE

Block 5 Venus

Block05 Venus BUY the Venus Pattern HERE

Block 6 Lollipop Candy

Block06 Lollipop Candy BUY THE Lollipop Candy PATTERN HERE

Block 07 Southward Bound



Block 08 Spiked Dresden

Block08 Spiked Dresden


Block 09 Wedding Ring

Yippeee!!! BUY THE Wedding Ring PATTERN HERE

Block 10 Chakra

011615_0828_ChakraBlock1.jpg BUY THE CHAKRA PATTERN HERE

Block 11 Blue Aster

Round the Year Quilt Block 11 Blue Aster BUY THE ASTER PATTERN HERE 

Block 12 Dozens Squared

021115_1125_BlockTwelve3.png Block 12 Dozens Squared

Block 13 Feathered Star

030115_0732_Forfeathere1.png Block 13 Feathered Star

Block 14 The (Almost) Fractal Mandala

Block 14 ( Almost) Fractal Mandala, Round the Year Quilt Block 14 ( Almost) Fractal Mandala

Block 15 Winding Ways Wheel

Block15 Winding Ways Wheel, Round the Year Quilt Winding Ways Wheel

Block 16 Mariner24

Fabric Code Block 16 Mariner24 Round the Year Quilt Mariner24

27 thoughts on “The Dreamcatcher: Round the Year Quilt”

  1. I just found them and they are all beautiful. I am going to try to do this one. I also love that they are paperpieced. Thank you.

  2. This is amazing. This is the first paper piecing pattern that has totally captured my attention. The designs are all so beautiful. Thank you for providing them! Now I have to go back and read through all your blog entries to see the rest of your work!

    1. If you click on the name of the block, it takes you to the post where the pattern is for that block is linked. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you! Thanks.

  3. I just completed making Block 6/Lollipop, making it into a table topper for my sister. I really like the way it turned out. Your instructions are very easy to follow. This was my first ever completed (pieced, quilted and bound) quilt project. You got me hooked! Thank you so much for posting this. It really does help newbies like me gain confidence. Now I want to make Block 1/Dahlia for my Mom.

    1. I am so happy to know you enjoyed it! I love paper piecing myself and so wanted to share the joy. I would love to see your table top. Do you think you could share a picture on my Facebook page ‘Patchwork of My Life’? All the best for the dahlia. That is a favourite block too.

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