This blog is about sharing  the things I do – for no rhyme nor reason – just because I enjoy them and they help me relax.

That includes painting, patchwork and quilting,  a little bit of photography and some `tukbandi’ ( rhymes)

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. can you e-mail me when the next block is ready for the round the year bom I tend to forget to look every month then miss out on blocks? Love this by the way. If you can’t I understand. That is what they make post it notes for right. lol Thanks Karen Roudebush

    1. No, I do not hold classes or workshops. I learnt from books and the Internet! If you are in Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore, there are people conducting both classes and workshops there.

  2. I would like the pattern for the Mariner compass shown with the title the maddening compass. It has the black and white stripes on the blocks at the outer edge. Love your designs. Thank you

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