The Just Takes 2 Quilt That Just Took Ten…

Begun in 2012 as a Block-of-the-month by Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches and finished in 2021, this quilt taught me almost all I know about quilting!

Last year, my Just Takes 2 Quilt (pattern by Gay Bomers of Sentimental Stitches) finally got quilted, nearly ten years after I began it!

Tina Katwal of The Square Inch did a fabulous job and the quilting is nothing short of exquisite! Here is a gallery of some of my favourite blocks! I included some pictures of the back; zoom in to see the quilting.

The colours so remind me of the monsoon evenings at home in India, with the red of the sunset playing hide and seek with the charcoal grey, water-laden clouds! The original, incidentally, is in red and white. Here is the full quilt!

The Just Takes 2 Quilt

Such a sense of achievement finishing an UFO! What have you been doing-creating more UFOs or finishing up the projects in hand?

Just takes 2 quilt top finished!

The Just Takes 2 quilt top is done!

The Just-Takes-2 quilt is designed by Gay from Sentimental Stitches and Brenda of Dear Jane. Head to if you want to make your own quilt!

It finishes at 72″ X 90″ – it shall definitely need borders! And since I have run out of the grey printed background fabric, will have to make do with grey solid. Everything is going into cold storage now – I have a son getting married in exactly two months’ time 🙂
I must add a picture of what inspired the colours of my quilt – a sunset in the monsoons!

An August evening in Jaipur with the monsoon clouds dispersing to reveal the setting sun …

Just takes 2 quilt – building aeroplanes!

Today I cut and pieced 3 blocks of my Just takes 2 quilt! I shall assemble them tomorrow.  They are all paper foundation pieced and came up fast…

These cute aeroplane blocks shall also have some applique add-ons.

Aero plane quilt block
Blocks 44 and 45 – Just takes 2 quilt

Here is the third – the bear’s paw block !

Block 43, just takes 2 quilt
Bear’s paw block – just takes 2 quilt

I shall do the back basting for an appliqué block later, if  I feel like it!

What is terrifying me is the thought that I may be running out of the background fabric. I had bought 5 and a half metres from a store in Jodhpur exactly a year ago and neither I nor the cousin with whom I bought it  remember which! So anyone who comes across this fabric, please buy me 3 metres 🙂 That shall take care of the borders too!

Just takes 2 – progress for today…

Completed this block today, adding the triangles…

Just takes 2 Quilt Block 29
Just takes 2 Quilt Block 29

And this – it was foundation pieced! I did the y-seams by hand.  Probably need to rip the bottom right corner, and re-sew it!  The pieces were already cut and yet it took more than four hours to construct! I am tired 🙁 And I hate paper foundation piecing – keep getting confused  how the next piece will be sewed on! Next time, shall English paper piece. Equally accurate and less taxing on my ageing brain.

Just takes 2 Block 40
Just takes 2 Block 40

Decided to clean the blocks of stray threads and iron them when I am ready to join them!

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