Nearly Insane Progress

There is finally some progress on my Nearly Insane blocks, thanks to the fact that I am without a sewing machine while visiting my son! I had printed out patterns for the first fifty blocks at home and had the sense to carry them with me, along with the Summer Breeze III fabric by Moda that I am using for my quilt. With time on my hands, I sat for several hours and cut out the templates for foundation paper piecing ( hundreds of them!) before it struck me that I couldn’t use them without a sewing machine! Now what?

I could, of course cut out the fabric for the blocks. I had the fabric pieces for five random blocks, when it finally dawned on me that I could piece the blocks without the machine. English Paper piecing it was to be. But for that, the templates had to be cut again, into individual paper pieces. Not a happy thought, as the average number of pieces in the blocks must be around fifty.

It was certainly a tedious job, but I finally had the pieces ready for EPP.

Block 81 ( Work-in-progress)

Just 44 pieces in this block, on its way! ( Block 81)

I started on the block, but gave up half way to do a really easy one–Block 2.

But before I show you Block 2, you must see my Block 1, completed on my sewing machine while still at home.

Block 1 (Done!)

Isn’t it pretty? I attempted some fussy cutting with this one.

Vital Stats

No of pieces: 37

Level of difficulty: Easy

Technique: Paper foundation pieced

Block 2 (Done)

One of the easiest blocks–just 21 pieces!

No of pieces: 21

Level of difficulty: Real easy–had I foundation paper pieced it!

Technique: English paper pieced

Block 9 (Put-aside-for-now)

The inner 4.5″ portion on this is done, it has 28 pieces! But wait – the outer 3/4″ ring has 64 more pieces coming up. Terrifying, isn’t it? The are 24 half square triangles, 3/4″ each, besides four 4-patches of 3/4″!

I think it will be sensible to wait to foundation paper piece them on a sewing machine.

28 pieces here, 64 more to come to complete this 6” Block!

I have been thinking that it makes sense to do first the blocks which cannot be paper-foundation pieced on the machine. Need to identify those and get to work on them.

But before that, I am off to Houston on Thursday, to see all those beautiful quilts–and view my Dreamcatcher hanging there. I hope I can take lots of pictures to share!

Happy quilting to all of you! And Happy Diwali too! Have a wonderful year ahead.