The Dreamcatcher in the Morning Sun

As I flung this Dreamcatcher at Dusk on my bed today morning, the sun streamed in from the windows, creating its own patterns and textures on the quilt…and I fell in love with it again!

When the sunlight creates its own patterns on my Dreamcatcher!
Southward Bound?
The Sun-Moon Dreamcatcher from which this quilt, made in the colours of dusk, got its name.
Was my least favorite block when being sewed! Everything that could go wrong…did!
Love the texture on this one…
The Diamond displaying its fire
The tiny hearts quilted into the wedding ring…love is everywhere!
The gloriously fiery oranges and reds of the sun set off the cool blues of the evening
…and the geese return to the pond to roost.
One las look at the sun as it sets…

Wouldn’t you agree it is lovely in the morning sun too?

The Aster Quilt Block

An original quilt block inspired by the lovely Aster flower…

Quilted Blue Aster2

The Aster is another original 18″ Quilt block with an inset 15″ circle flower, designed by me for the Dreamcatcher Quilt.

I have always loved the Aster-such a pretty flower, which is also the Birth Flower for September! Did you know it gets its name from Greek, meaning ‘star’, because the flowers resemble stars?  In Greek mythology, it became a symbol of love when it was placed on the altars for the Gods. I included it as the eleventh block in the   Dreamcatcher Round the Year quilt…to coincide with Valentine’s Day in my Block of the Month Quilt. Asters also symbolize  wisdom, faith, colour, besides patience, daintiness and  charm. 

My Aster comes in blue-the blue blooms are not only rare but also extremely lovely-the colour ranging from a light through deep blue to purples. The block is really easy to piece and comes up very quickly. To make it more challenging, I added y-seams to the centre. Of course, you could applique a simple circle as the centre, or try out any of these options! 

Centre Variations Aster

The printable PDF files instructions and templates for the block are now available on my MadsPatch store on Ecwid.


Four shades of the main colour (blue) totalling about 1/3 yard and small scraps of yellow, gold, light and deep orange – are used here. My Aster is blue to go with Dreamcatcher Quilt, but you could make yours in any of these colours -pink, purple, red or yellow.

Colour Variations Aster


Instructions & How It Works

Please note that this in a digital pattern, you will receive only a link to download the .PDF files on your computer/device. A paper pattern WILL NOT be snail-mailed to you. The links expire in 72 hours, so you would be well-advised to download the files on a permanent location on your PC/ Mac / Notepad asap.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader Software, downloadable for free at the Adobe site, to read the files.  Print from the saved files; do not print directly from the mail/ link.  The patterns are designed for printing on A4 size paper, but letter size 8.5″ x 11.5″ will be fine. Set your printer to ‘Actual Size’ or 100% setting before printing. 

All patterns are for your personal use only. Please do not share with others or use for teaching/ workshops etc without my prior permission! The 4 files will include:

Instructions Filecontains these instructions including the fabric requirement, piecing order and Master Template to be used as a guide for assembling the block.

FPP Templates File containing foundation paper piecing templates. 

Master Template that will help you in assembling the block – remember this is is a mirror image. You can also try out your own colours on the outline block.

Bonus: I also include a bonus file with the pattern, these are tips for paper-piecing you can print and keep with you always!

So what do you plan to make your Aster Block into? A round Christmas table runner?

Christmas Runner

This gorgeous  58″ x 20″ runner?


Or a  Lap Quilt  60″ x  60″?

Pink Quilt


Acknowledgement: The quilt block was drafted on Quilt Assistant free software and I used Primo PDF to make the pdf templates.

The Chakra Block for India’s 75th Independence Day

The pattern for this gorgeous 15″ Chakra (Wheel) circle block set in an 18″ square is foundation paper-pieced and much easier to sew than it looks! And there are so many ways to use it!

The Chakra Block Pattern is now available on my Madspatch Ecwid Store! Check Link below.

The Chakra (Wheel) Block from my Dreamcatcher Quilt has to be my absolute favourite. For one, it is a tribute to my country, India!  Secondly, it is designed by me, not based on any other quilt block that I have seen.

Why not celebrate India by making your own Chakra? The pattern is now available on my Madspatch Ecwid store!  It is surprisingly easy to piece the paper-foundation paper piecing way, and assembly is also simple enough. The half-circles could be appliqued, fused or even omitted if you don’t feel up to it!


The block, a 15” square set in an 18” circle was designed as the tenth block in the Dreamcatcher Round the Year BOM quilt. However, like the other blocks of my quilt, it works great as a stand-alone small quilt! Here are some great options for you!

You could use just the centre circle as a great-looking round table runner.

The Chakra Block in its original Dreamcatcher by Dusk colours

Make it in the original indigo and white of our flag and bind with a green and saffron double binding to make it look special!

The Indigo and white Ashok Wheel round table runner with a tricolour double binding!

Substitute the colours on the pattern and make a couple for a pair of gorgeous tricolour cushion covers.

A pair of cushions in the saffron, green and white of the Indian tricolour

…Or you could combine with another two blocks from my store, the Lollipop Candy and Dahlia; add a 1.5” border and sashing to make a table runner 21”X 60”!

Or perhaps join four blocks two by two to make a stunning wall-hanging!

Of course, you could always make the 16 block Dreamcatcher quilt! Nine of the blocks are already available on my online store.


The Dreamcatcher At Houston!

Felt amazing wearing this ribbon!

Would you believe that I forgot to take a picture of the quilt by itself?

Preening in front of my quilt!

The Purple Dreamcatcher

I am so, so happy to present to you this gorgeous version of the Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt made by Vicki Trerotola.

I personally would have never have thought that the blocks would look so amazing in shades of a single colour.

Purple Dreamcatcher
I love that centre!

The lovely quilting by Mary Jane Wherle so beautifully complements the perfect piecing done by Vicki.

Purple Dreamcatcher
How lovely it is!

Purple Dreamcatcher
In all it’s purple on grey glory!

Purple Dreamcatcher
The quilting is lovely too!

Purple Dreamcatcher
Close up of the quilting and the blocks

Do notice the walls and the headboard – aren’t her colours just perfect for her room?

Purple Dreamcatcher
Aren’t those grey and deep purple borders lovely?

Do you want to make your own Dreamcatcher Quilt? The patterns for the blocks are free and can be accessed from here! Please do not forget to share pictures on my facebook page in case you do make something using my patterns! Thank you!

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