Of Blocks and Bees…and Some Honey!

My facebook quilting group Desi Quilters started a virtual bee in July this year! For the first two months, I requested some fellow quilters to make my blocks while I was visiting my son in the USA.

For September, the ever-gracious Vidya  was the queen bee and she decided to wait for me! She had a long wait, as I did not have white poplin and she wanted a lot of negative space in her block!  And a lot of squares…Her block has finally been sent on Monday , as have the blocks for the next 3 months!

This is Vidya’s block . I played around with the squares till I found an arrangement I liked for her modern block. It was the first time I ironed the seams flat and I found it difficult to match the seams – with so many squares to take care of!

Bee block for Vidya
Modern block with squares

The queen bee for October was the gorgeous, artistic Brinda. Brinda’s block(s) gave me much heart ache and I am not very happy with what I came up with finally 🙁 I have only small floral print fabric in my stash and she wanted polaroid picture blocks! Anyways, this is what I made for her…


November Queen Bee was the gentle Nirmala. She wanted sail boats for her block party. That was a quick make! I only read later that she wanted only solids for it 🙁 But since she was okay with it when I showed it to her, I mailed it to her anyways!

Bee Block - Sail Boat
Sail boat for Nirmala’s Bee

The last block was for the Star of our group,Elvira! Elvira has a wonderful eye for colour and sews oh, so neatly! And this was the block that gave me the maximum trouble. First I cut it wrong, then I sewed it wrong.  I ran out of black thread, and the thread that I found was really linty. Nevertheless, I managed to  finish it and post it – for the first time, in time! This is Elvira’s Double Star Block. The colours are slightly darker than what they appear here. I just hope she does not look at it from the back 😉

A double star for Elvira's Bee
Flying geese double star for Elvira’s Bee

So that was about the bees and the blocks! What about the honey? I shall post about that later today…

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10 thoughts on “Of Blocks and Bees…and Some Honey!”

  1. How I love being called “ever gracious” twice in one week !!! Even if I know I’m not to take it seriously..its a good feeling 🙂 I LOVE my block as I do the others too and I love the way you’ve described all the Queens.

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