Objets d’art?!? Some bad ink drawings…

I detest doing still life! Why draw objects when you can draw people? So this was one part of my Commercial Art assignments that ensured that I quit the course in a hurry!
You can possibly see my heart was not in this 🙁

Even the normally-generous-with-his-praise tutor had to tell me to improve my finishing!

And here are some more stern remarks!

Actually, I did not think this satin lehnga ( skirt) was so bad…here is a close up

Did I mention these were done with a nib, which you dipped in a bottle of black India ink? You had to have excellent control over the amount of ink you ‘drew’ into the pen!
Done with great disinterest, for some odd reason, this crumpled sheet of paper found his approval :-p

Here is a silver chain, which wasn’t bad, though the pendant was quite ordinary.

Another hideous object!

But there were a few still lifes I did which I like! I’ll share those in another post 🙂

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