A Baby Quilt (?)

I started this baby quilt, believing I would finish it in four hours! But it took me all of four days 🙁

Desi Quilters, my virtual quilting group decided to donate fifty quilts through A Hundred Hands, a Bangalore based charity. I have been busy with a lot of things on the home front, so thought to give it a miss, till we started running short of the target! I decided I’d do a quick baby quilt in a pattern I’ve always loved, using soft blended fabrics. I cut some 6″ strips in 3 fabrics.
and in no time, the blocks were ready…
And the quilt top too!
That is when things started going wrong! No idea how it happened, but I broke the bobbin winder! And so I was stuck.
Out came my mother in law’s hand cranked Singer .

I decided to omit the batting, and added a simple solid green backing, catching up the the layers with stitch in the ditch on alternate blocks.
So here is the final ‘dohar’ ( literally ‘two layers’) – nice to snuggle into on a rainy Bangalore night!
Hope the little one who receives it stays warm and loved, always!


Author: Mads

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