Next block on August 15th…and tips for the Dahlia block

Many of you who are doing the Dreamcatcher Round the Year Block of the Month Quilt got your fabric a bit late and there are still others who are beginners to paper piecing. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a full month’s time to complete your Dahlia blocks.
Paper piecing can be a bit confusing in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you would not want to piece any other way! Just remember a few basics
– Like in any other kind of piecing, “right sides together” is the rule.
– The wrong side touches the paper – or will touch the paper when pressed out.
– Keep your seam allowance approximately 1/4″ when piecing. Accuracy is not essential at this stage.
More tips when we piece the next block!
Next, the assembly is proving a bit tricky for some. Before you begin, please refer to the Master template and arrange your arcs in a circle…


When joining the arcs, you need to stagger the arcs…So that the edge of section H1 joins not P5 but P4!
This picture might make it clearer. Right edge of D1 from the paper side is attached to left edge of L4; L5 is joined to E2 and so on.

Hope that clarifies matters!
Meanwhile, I would love to see your completed ( and incomplete) Dahlias on my facebook page!

 Please note that the downloadable patterns with paper piecing templates and instruction files for the Dreamcatcher Round the Year quilt blocks are being migrated to my store and will not be available for download for free from 15th November 2020 onwards. 

The Dahlia Block Pattern and Instructions are available here!

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    1. Yes. On the blog – go to the page for the Round the Year quilt and click on the titles of the blocks for links to the patterns and instructions.

    1. I would love to see it! 😍Could you post a pic on my Facebook page, Patchwork of My Life, please? So that everyone can see and appreciate it?

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