A Prayer to the Supremely Blissful One…

Today is Shri Krishna Janmashthami, a celebration of Lord Shri Krishna’s advent on earth. ( Much of India celebrated it yesterday!)
Growing up on tales of His mischievous childhood, I got to love Krishna almost as an elder brother who would hold my little finger and lead me through troubled times. He was the One to whom I poured out my heart , sharing my smallest joys and deepest sorrows! As I grew older, He continued to play that role, trying to guide me, through the Bhagvada Geeta, to become a better and happier human being in all ways.

Today, I wish to share with you a Sanskrit shloka dedicated to Him, which gives me so much hope and joy in times of deep despair! I pray to Him that it does the same for us all!

Mookam karoti vAchAlam
Pangu langhayate girim
Yat krpA tam-aham vande
ParamAnand MAdhavam

I offer my salutations
To that Supremely Blissful Madhav ( Sweet One)
Whose compassion gives eloquence to the dumb and
(Helps) the lame cross mountains.

Author: Mads

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