Card Trick Block – Instructions File (My Bad!)

I have just corrected the link to the instructions for the Card Trick quilt block ( Block Three of the Block of the Month Quilt, Round the Year) posted earlier today in the main blogpost.

The correct links are also given here!

Card Trick Paper Piecing Template File

Card Trick Instructions File.

Sorry for the confusion!


While all my Dreamcatcher patterns are free and will continue to remain so, may I suggest you visit the webpage of my favourite NGO Samarpan and donate whatever you deem fit towards the wonderful work they are doing to spread joy, peace and happiness through the world? Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “Card Trick Block – Instructions File (My Bad!)”

  1. Card trick. I bought the pattern for the inside of this lovely block many years ago in Amish country in USA, but had real problems in making it up and abandoned it. I might try again with this pattern, so thanks! Best wishes, Michele of

      1. How weird, the pattern had been made up as a cushion and was hanging on the quilt shop wall. The pattern was not well written and I gave up half way through but used my lovely Amish fabric for other things, I’m talking many years ago now. We often find things that we think original!

      2. I have, of course, seen the card trick in a square. I did several versions in a circle before settling on this. 😀 Like they say, nothing in this world is really original.

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