Catch-Up December!

Patterns for half of the sixteen blocks for the Block of the Month Round the Year quilt have been posted…
…and as I counted yesterday, I have made only three and a half of the Dusk colourway and two of the Rainbow version.
I know many of you are probably in the same boat; I had a few requests for not posting a block on December 15th, so that everyone could catch up! I do think this is not such a bad idea after all. That means that Block Nine will now be posted next year, on January 1st!
So I have designated December as Catch- Up month! I have to make 11 odd blocks in 22 days beginning from today 🙁
I shall post an update everyday, here as well as on my facebook page “Patchwork of My Life”. I hope you will also share your progress with the rest of us!
So this is where I was this morning on the Spiked Dresden block, which I plan to complete today!

Half pieced Spiked Dresden
Half pieced Spiked Dresden

Do watch this space tomorrow to check what I manage to accomplish today!

Happy Quilting!

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