Which blocks do you chose? Poll added!

We have two more blocks left in the Round the Year Quilt and you get to choose which ones they should be! So let me know which two blocks you would like. To vote, you can either leave a comment here, or vote on the facebook page “Patchwork of My Life”.

You do remember that Block 15 will be released only around 15th April, don’t you? Happy choosing!


Round the Year Quilt

I decided to add a poll to this post, to make it easier for you to vote! Please select two options.

Author: Mads

In alphabetical order: daughter, mother, painter, philosopher, poet, quilter, seeker, wife...

11 thoughts on “Which blocks do you chose? Poll added!”

    1. 2 and 4 are the two blocks which were part of my original plan and I have the templates not only printed but also cut out.
      But I was feeling lazy! These are the most tedious and difficult respectively 🙁 5 and 6 would be the quickest.

    1. I think 2 and 6 it will be. I am waiting for more more people to respond. Will start on it in the first week of April, so we have a few days to decide.

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