Sorry for the Delay – Dreamcatcher Quilt Block 16!

Round the Year Quilt Block 16 may take some more time to be posted, as  my daughter was hospitalized and we have returned home just today! I am more than half way through the block, but I do not know when I shall be able to work on it…

Meanwhile, there is also some good news on my front ! I had made a wall quilt for the Husqvarna Viking India- Pfaff quilt challenge 2015 and… I won the first prize!

Here is a peek into my quilt when it was under construction,  I will share with you all the pictures in a separate blogpost! You could, of course, visit my Patchwork of My Life page on facebook and see the pictures there.

Again, I am really sorry for the delay, but I hope you will understand!

Author: Mads

In alphabetical order: daughter, mother, painter, philosopher, poet, quilter, seeker, wife...

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