Yet Another Wait! 


I am putting the blocks together using the Layout Option 3!
This was the third option I had given for how to join the sixteen blocks. It ends at 99″ x 99″- I do not trust myself to be able to quilt this as one piece, so this will be a quilt as you go (QAYG) project, in 5 panels. Except that I cannot imagine how I will manage the inset seams on the centre square! 

I also wanted to use cotton batting for this, instead of the poly batting that I have, so will have to wait for that to arrive. Any suggestions for how to quilt this? Also, will someone tell me why batting manufacturers do not add the extra 2-3″of batting (needed on each side while quilting a top) when selling packaged pre-cut lengths? I would expect them to sell a 78″ x 78″ length for quilting a 72″x72″ top!  Don’t you agree? 

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5 thoughts on “Yet Another Wait! ”

  1. I would do all 4 outside pieces, then quilt the center piece with the backing about 1 inch larger all around. be sure not to quilt it to the edge. Leave yourself about 1 inch of clear space on the block and on the surrounding blocks. Set the blocks together being careful to sew the center block only to the top. Turn it over and carefully cut the batting to meet at the seams and whip stitch the batting together on the seam line. This eliminates andy bulk. trim and fold the backing so that you can hand sew the seams on the square backing to the rest of the quilt. Then you only have to quilt the 2 inch area around the square to secure the backing at the seams. I have done something similar for the backing of one of my quilts. It seams fussy, but the results can be very good. Good luck with the quilting, the top is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much! This sounds good. I will do it your way. What I do see is that the backing will need to be whip stitched, which I done mind. I enjoy hand stitching.

  2. this is SO Pretty!! There’s a class in craftsy that I joined, it’s quilting big quilt in small machine. It shows you different method. I am making 90 x 90 now and divide it in 3 panels.

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