A Milestone of Sorts!

I am going to get more than just a bit boastful today! My blog just reached 100000 all-time views from 35000 visitors from around 110 countries, a few of which I barely knew even existed! 

When this blog started off four years ago,  I did not know if anyone was going to read it. It had no agenda, except a need to share with the world my thoughts and musings and the things I enjoy doing. At that time, that included poetry, painting, embroidery and quilting, in no particular order. I am being told now to make an exclusively quilting blog, but I am not so sure. Agreed, in these years, quilting has taken over much of my life and the blog has come to reflect more and more of this. Yet, it remains to me a medium of sharing with you all that I create –  ‘This and That…Some Rhyme, Not All Reason’!

May I thank all of you who visit my blog and stay awhile, perhaps just to look around or download a few patterns which you like! Nothing gives me a greater high than seeing how you interpreted my designs. So, I would love it if you also shared your thoughts with me here and pictures of what you make using these patterns on my facebook page. 

So, good morning from India, may you have a wonderful day! 

Author: Mads

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11 thoughts on “A Milestone of Sorts!”

  1. Congratulations from Spain on reaching so many readers! I love quilting and I got to your lovely blog looking for quilting patterns but I really enjoy your creative work in all areas, maybe because I have that need to create too. If you need to keep sharing and your heart tells you so, keep your blog that way. I may say that your last poem about the Indian ruins you visited was most beautiful! Thank you for inspiring! Good day to you over there in India!

    1. Thank you so much for enjoying my work and my poems. I can never cease to wonder at what a small place the world becomes when one heart touches another across nationalities, regions and religions!

  2. I found your blog only yesterday, so perhaps I am the 100001 viewer – from South Florida USA. I found one of your Round the year blocks on Pintrist and then, on to your site. I am wild about this quilt. And I love the 3rd layout…just so creative. It has given me a new way to think about layout. However, as I study the layout, I am concerned about the fabric requirements. I think I need to get the background fabric with the block fabrics…I notice the on the outer blocks, there is some reversal of the fabrics. Have you any idea how much I need to add for the background and sashing? I don’t mind overbuying a bit – I’m sure to make mistakes as I go along. thanks again. I subscribed to your blog so I will keep following you.

    1. Thank you ! I have been planning to blog about the exact requirements for layout 3, but have been very much caught up over the last couple of months with family, health issues and guests and vacations(!). Will try to do so in the coming week.
      Meanwhile, I am excited to share that my quilt is basted and I plan to start on it today; Wednesday is considered auspicious for starting on a new project. Wish me luck I don’t ruin it with my horrendous quilting!

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