A Trip Around The World for My Mom

A `Trip Around the World’ quilt in the colours of autumn, made for my mother in 2009-2010. The white sashing adds a twist to the traditional pattern!

My second post of the day and another quilt from long ago!

A quilt for my mother!
A quilt for my mother!

This one is also from the Better Homes & Gardens Vol 4 of `Quilt Lovers’ Favorites’, just like the quilt for my son.

This was made entirely from scraps of hand -block printed and handwoven fabrics, muslins and cambrics.  The pattern is by Carla Malkiewich and used 2.5″ squares. I knew nothing about strip piecing when I made this quilt in 2009, so I cut nearly 700 squares individually, placed them as advised before joining them in rows. I tried black for the sashing strips, but decided I liked white better.

Experimenting with black versus white sashing strips

The great bit about this pattern, which uses sashing strips to separate the pieced rows, is that you don’t need to match any points!

The top is ready!

The original pattern finished at 60.5″ x 72.5″ . I added extra borders on the shorter edges to make it longer and finish at 60.5″ x 86.5″. I had a local tailor quilt it for me.

The quilted trip.
The quilted trip.

Here is a close up…

A close up
A close up of the stippling…

I had asked the tailor to leave the edges undone as I would do the binding myself. Instead he sewed them in and the final quilt finished at 56″ x 80″.  My mother did not like the length and I had to increase it by opening the shorter edges and adding rust coloured fabric, batting and backing, much as you would in a quilt-as-you-go project! Now it is a comfortable 90″ long and she is happy!

Trip Around the World Quilt
My mother enjoys a nap , with the mid-morning sun streaming in from the window. Is she dreaming of a trip around the world, you suppose?

Incidentally, this beautiful picture was taken on 10th March, 2012, exactly 4 years ago.  Don’t you love the play of light and shadows in it? It makes me feel all warm and happy inside, seeing my mother snuggled inside the quilt her daughter made for her!





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