Fukusa – Quick Gifts

Made 35 fabric pouches/ envelopes as gifts! Took me much longer than anticipated. I was aiming for a ten-minute finish; I averaged 20!

Ikat, silk, brocade, muslin…quilted/ unquilted…printed/ solid …

For one, I used left over fabric lengths to cut out the squares individually. Secondly, I had to overlock the edges of the brocade and silks with a zigzag to prevent fraying. Thirdly,  I think I have got so used to piecing and quilting that I have forgotten how to sew straight!

I quilted only 6 of them, the ikat and the floral print are a single layer. The rest are double layered. Not all have strings.

From tomorrow, back to quilting!

Author: Mads

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