Layout Options for the Rainbow Dreamcatcher

Managed to finish only eight of the Dreamcatcher Round the Year BOM blocks? Here are layout options for queen sized quilt with as few as just five blocks!

I ended up making only eight of the sixteen Dreamcatcher Round the Year BOM blocks in the Rainbow colourway.

Now, eight is a pretty odd number of 18″ blocks to end up with, if you are wanting to make a queen sized quilt. In no mood to make any more blocks and not sure of how I was going to put them together, I tried out various layout options.

Layout Option 1

One could place the blocks in two columns and off centre them, adding borders on either side. It has a lot of negative space and the quilt doesn’t look too busy…

Layout Option 2

This is the same that I have used for the Dusk Dreamcatcher. Again, this gives me lots of negative space and the blocks look nice like this, I think.

However, I do want this layout to be different from what I have already done. To clinch the matter, The Husband responded with a grimace when consulted about this! Perhaps blue flying geese will look better than blue? No. I really do not want to do the same setting in this quilt. So we move to the third layout!

Layout Option 3

Here, I use only 5 blocks in a row, towards the foot. The bottom border is strips of various widths in white, black, the white & black prints and blues, greys used in the blocks. The top border is just 2-3 strips and only a 1″ blue  border on the sides. Two blocks are made into cushion covers set in blue squares and one into a framed wall hanging!

While I have approval of the Consultant in Residence, I would still like your opinion. What do you think will work best?

Author: Mads

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7 thoughts on “Layout Options for the Rainbow Dreamcatcher”

  1. Layout 2 has my vote. The arrangement is unique, and the flying geese are striking, but not so eye-catching that they take away from those beautiful blocks. I do think blue geese might look better than black. Imagine the possibilities for the quilting with that arrangement!

    1. I am planning to tweak that arrangement a bit. Setting the 4-block ‘panels’ on point to see if that appeals to the Consultant’s design sensibility. Watch this space for more options.

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