Quilted Bookmarks!

This is what I have been busy with over the last few days! All scraps from previous quilts, except the green background fabric for some of these. I hope the recipients of these gifts will enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed making them!
This first one is foundation paper pieced. The free pattern is on this blog. I did plan to bind it, but felt to lazy to do so eventually!

Rose stem – foundation paper pieced…the free pattern is available on this blog.

The rest of the book marks are all raw edge appliqué, free motion quilted. I used Heat’n’Bond on some shapes. Other shapes – I just cut them out from plain fabric, put a drop of school glue on them and placed them on the background and ironed to make them stay. Free motion quilting was done to join them to the background.

This next one is the peepul or Bodhi tree; I used invisible thread for the quilting.

Bodhi Tree book mark – raw edge appliqué!

Yellow poppies…I used Derwent ink pencils to add interest to the back!

The yellow poppies magically become red from the back with the help of some ink!

All my bright and beautiful Fossil Fern fabric scraps coming to good use here…

What flowers are these? Poppies again? Your guess is as good as mine!

Up next, two daisies, yellow from the front, purple from the back.

I loved using up so many scraps; some as tiny as half inch!

This one here is a snapshot of a field of yellow daisies. Again, I used Derwent ink pencils to shade and define the flowers and stems. (In case you are wondering why there is no pic of the back, it is because I haven’t added anything there!)

Such a cheerful bookmark, wouldn’t you say?

And the last one is my absolute favourite – a field of red poppies! I like the back too, with splashes of red ink to indicate the  flowers!

A field of red poppies, standing tall; this one is my absolute favourite!

There are a few more still being made; I thought I would take a break and share these with you!

Why don’t you also put your teenie meenie scraps to some good use? What pretty gifts these make!

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