The Quilts of Love -II

I finished three more scrap quilts that I was making for the little girls of the Faith Aalingan in Jaipur! Such a warm, caring place it is! Do visit their website to see if you would like to help them in any way? Meanwhile, here are my quilts which found their new home and new owners today!

All are ‘bagged’ with 1.5 kilograms of carded cotton wool and big-stitch hand-quilted in the traditional North Indian ‘lihaaf‘ or ‘razai‘ style. The thickness of the quilt makes elaborate quilting difficult but provides adequate warmth in the cold season, in the absence of central heating.

Quilt #7/2018

This 48″ x 72″ quilt is made up of nine-patches, arranged around a square embroidered on my Husqavarna Topaz 20 – the only bit of embroidery I have done on the machine!

Quilt #8/ 2018

A four-patch quilt, finishing at 48″ x 72″. All the squares finish at 4″ just like in the other two quilts.

Quilt #9/ 2018

Four-patches in oranges and reds were sashed and cornerstoned to make this 56″ x 80″ quilt.

It is already too warm to use these thick quilts in Jaipur. I was planning to make one more quilt for these special recipients, but have postponed it till the next winters, while I get back to my various unfinished projects!

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