Of Squircles and Layout Option 2 – Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt


This layout is inspired by the original Camelot quilt. It finishes at 90″ x 90″ with a triple border measuring 9″. The inner most border is 1.5″ wide, in the background colour, followed by a middle flying geese border of 3″ and finally a 4.5″ solid border, again in the background fabric. Each of the block corners has 3″ half square triangle, made of 2 QSTs pieced together. I can visualise a small colourwheel at the corner as an alternative! Add a 6″ star of your choice in the corner of the border.

Fabric Requirement

I have given a margin of a few inches at each level.

I will give more details about how to bring it all together when all the blocks are done and we are ready to put together the top. Meanwhile, templates for the background square, the flying geese border and the corner star are given at the end of this post.These requirements are for the pieced background. The template for this is also included at the end of this post.

If appliquéing the fully pieced circles to the squares, you need sixteen 19.5″ squares. When cutting from 42-44″ width fabric, you require 4.5 yard fabric for the background alone.

If you use the shorter 34″ – 36″ width fabric, I suggest you cut a single row of squares, borders and binding from the length of the fabric. You need about 8.5 metres of the 34-36″ width fabric in total.

I tried the same layout in a different colour combination.


And also with different pieced borders, ranging from 1.5″ to 4.5″ in width…

In all case the fabric required for the binding and borders would be approximately the same.

This is the quilt as originally planned, in the classic red and white. With a little bit of imagination, all the quilt blocks can be made in just two colours, as you can see!

Before I give the templates, I have a question! What do you call the geometric space left behind when you remove a circle from a square -what we have been referring to as the background? I asked a mathematician friend who could not help me! So I have decided to name it the squircle! Now for the templates, including one for the squircle for a 18″ square minus a 15″ circle, for layout option 2.

Background squircle ( 4 needed for one block – 64 in all)

3″ Flying geese – paper pieced. These 24 when joined together, will form 1/2 of one side of the border.

6″ Star ( You will make 4, one for each corner)

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