Final Countdown- Midway Break

Eight of the blocks are done today. I now take a break, till I get the lighter blue fabric for the centre blocks.

Eight blocks done!
Eight blocks done!

I modified Sobana’s porthole method to join today’s block circle to the centre. This is what I did.

I marked the seam line 1/4″ inside the circle edge.

Mark the seam line on right side of circle.

I pieced the background on the freezer paper template.

Prepare the background on the freezer paper template of 18.5
Prepare the background on the freezer paper template of 18.5″ square from which a circle of 7.5″ radius has been cut out.

I now made tiny snips on the inside circular edge till about 1/8″ of the paper. I will use  Sobana’s pics to show you what was done next!

Snip the inner circular edge to within 1/8″ of the paper edge.

Press the snipped edge over the paper.

Fold the seam allowance back on the paper. Sobana suggests glueing it lightly on to the paper to hold it in place. I skipped this – I did not use glue.

I applied glue on this folded -back seam allowance. Now, I did the opposite of what Sobana did! Here is a reminder of what she did. In her own words

” Centre your finished circle on the freezer paper again on the wrong side, making sure it is evenly placed.  Apply glue again along the edge of the folded back fabric snips and press your circle in place with your iron. … Remember to keep your finished circle right side down.”

She placed both pieces right side down and glued the seam allowances together!
She placed both pieces right side down and glued the seam allowances together!

I placed both pieces right side up, the circle below the background. I ironed the two together, but the glue from the glue stick had dried by now, so this did not work!

Now I applied glue on the circle edge –  I used washable liquid school glue instead of the glue stick. I pressed the background on top of it, using the seam-line marked with pencil on the right side of the circle as a guide.  This eliminated the guesswork out of correct placement of the circle! I removed the freezer paper now and stitched the two pieces together using the crease line on the background as a guide, like for the other blocks.

Here is my Winding Ways Wheel block

Perfectly matched points at the edge of circle!
Perfectly matched points at the edge of circle!

I am wondering if I should finish the chopsticks while I wait for the fabric. I am more inclined to start on a brand new project instead! Insane? Yes, Nearly Insane! I have the fabric chosen and ready for the 6″ blocks, which contain 70 to 229 pieces! Care to join me?

Lollipop Candy – Revision in Template

Block 06 Lollipop Candy
Block 06 Lollipop Candy

There was an error 😦  in the paper piecing templates for Lollipop Candy, the sixth of the Blocks of the Month of the ‘Round the Year’ Quilt. I have now uploaded the revised templates. But, if you downloaded the templates for this block on 24/12/2014 or earlier, you need to make a change in Template F.  

– Please start piecing from piece F2, that is, treat section F2 as F1, F3 as F2…till F12, which is treated as F11. 

– F1 is pieced as F12.

– F13 and F14 remain as heretofore.

The Master Template will also show the revised Template F. However, there is no change in the assembly instructions.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience!