Nearly Insane…Nearing the Finishing Line…Blocks 21 to 26

Here come the blocks from the fourth row of my Nearly Insane Quilt,  based on a 19th century quilt by Salinda Rupp... I have now less than 20 blocks to finish and I have started sharing the finished blocks in a series of posts, row by row! The blocks are all set on point, with 7 and 6 blocks in the alternating rows.

The blocks are 6″ square and except for a few, foundation paper pieced by me.  I drafted all the patterns for FPP on the free Quilt Assistant software, based on patterns in Liz Lois’s book, which contains only line drawings of the finished blocks.

Most of the fabric used is Summer Breeze 3  (with a fat quarter bundle of matching solids) by Moda Fabrics, and the Dutch Garden 2 Collection by Boundless Fabric. I also used a couple FQs in blues and greens plus a jelly roll of yellows I had in my stash.

These blocks are particularly pretty; I think Salinda was becoming more and more adventurous as she made newer blocks.

Nearly Insane Block 21

Number of pieces: 25

Level of Difficulty: Easy, but isn’t it pretty? I enjoyed fussy cutting those beautiful pansies.

Technique: Foundation paper pieced (FPP)

Nearly Insane Quilt Block 21
Nearly Insane Block  22

Number of pieces: 133

Level of Difficulty: Difficult… it did have a lot of points to match…And one thing I would never recommend is making a pinwheel with paper piecing!Not only did I join a couple of them the wrong way, there is such a huge bulk in the centre that it is impossible to get a nice point there. FPP is also wasted on 4 patches! Easier piecedthe regular way.

(Did you notice I actually tried to fussy cut those flying geese?)

Technique: Foundation paper pieced (FPP). I recommend regular machine piecing for everything but the flying geese !

Nearly Insane Quilt Block 22
Nearly Insane Block 23

Number of pieces: 45

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate, only because those narrow 1/4″ strips were so fiddly!

Technique: English Paper Piecing and hand-piecing, as I did not have a sewing machine when I did this one!

Nearly Insane Quilt Block 23
Nearly Insane Block 24

Number of pieces: 89

Level of Difficulty: Difficult for two reasons. Firstly, lots of points to match and secondly, one of the more difficult ones to draft as well as piece, as the flying geese are not all the same  1:2 ratio!

Technique: Foundation paper pieced (FPP)

Nearly Insane Quilt Block 24
Nearly Insane Block 25

Number of pieces: 87

Level of Difficulty:  A very unusual block! The centre 3″ x 2″ portion contains such tiny pieces as compared to the huge outer pieces!

Technique: Foundation paper pieced (FPP)

Nearly Insane Quilt Block 25
Nearly Insane Quilt Block 26

Number of pieces: 32

Level of Difficulty: Easy.

Technique: Foundation paper pieced (FPP)

Nearly Insane Quilt Block 26

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Breaking News!! The Foundation Paper Piecing Block Patterns for this quilt are available for sale on my store from May 29, 2023!