Quilt for a little girl

I designed and made this little quilt for my little grand niece.

It is a number / counting quilt – also a land, sea, air quilt – made with silks and satins and oodles of love. Anyone is free to copy it in any which way they like.

Author: Mads

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6 thoughts on “Quilt for a little girl”

    1. The little girl – 21/2 years old – hates counting! 🙂
      It is a mishmash of EPP, applique and machine piecing. When I made this 2 years ago, I did not know foundation paper piecing. because it is satin and silk, to prevent fraying, i used a lot of satin ribbons – in the fish – the tree trunks, steps to the house etc. It is hand quilted on to a muslin lining directly.

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