Who wants to Block Party?

Mine was the first Block Party of our Guild! I chose a comparitively simple block, an adaptation of the Garden Fence block by Cindy of Hyacinth Quilt Designs http://hyacinthquiltdesigns.blogspot.in/2011/01/garden-fence.html

I added an additional row of the garden fabric to her block as I wanted a 15″ block!

I had seven different prints in red, white and grey. I chose a grey `fencing’ and a red focus fabric and sent out  9 blocks to my partners:-)

I gave them the choice of making the block chosen by me, or any other  block if the fabric so inspired them! My basic block used only the garden and the fence fabric, they could use the red if they wanted – in any which way they liked!

Here are my instructions for the Block Garden Fence Block

And here is a sneak peek into some of the blocks I have received

While I am waiting for 3 more blocks to arrive, I tried out many block settings on MSWord! Shall share them with you soon:)

Not a very long wait! Here come my settings:

This was my first choice:

But I would have had to add a triangle to all the corners of all the blocks! Not happening! So I thought of the simplest thing you could do, while retaining the `fence’ look. This is not a very good represenatation – but you get the general idea, right?

Too `quiltish’! Again, no go! And I had this seventh print, the prettiest of them all, which I had not sent out at all.  I could use  it plain – as it in the centre, or do something special. So then I came up with this option :

Hmmm – nice… Then I googled (can I  use it as a verb?!? cringe!) some to find a `maze pattern that i liked (Sorry, cannot     remember where I found it. Shall add the credits as soon as I can trace it)

I quite love this one – the colours in the centre are supposed to be reversed. Grey fencing on the garden print, by the way.

But this is not what I am going to make.  I had only 8 blocks in hand, and I wanted the quilt to be ready by DD’s birthday. And so I came up with this:

It would need an additional block but that was fine.  Some of the red and grey sashing is missing from this picture – but you get the general idea! And this frames each of the blocks so lovingly made by each of my block party partners 🙂

And then… I discovered I did not have enough fabric. So, I am waiting for the rest of the blocks to arrive and I have come up with yet another pattern – which shall be the final quilt design. Not to be revealed yet …wait till November:-)

I would be happy to hear from you all – telling me which quilt block setting you like and why!

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