What I did not submit for the March Quilting Challenge – finished!

Last month I got my new  Brother, who I am still to get used to loving. Having used a gentle, elderly (she is all of 76 years old!) hand-cranked Singer all these years,  it is not easy getting accustomed to the brash new  baby – who runs when I ask it to walk .   Anyways, I decided I would devote  November and December to UFOs (unfinished objects) so that I could start the new year with a fresh slate. And get to know the new family member better!

One of the few UFOs I managed to complete was this from March. (Blogged about here)

Table top - kaleidoscopic block
Table top  using kaleidoscopic quilt block

This is my first quilting on the Brother; I did not have the walking foot, so I have used the regular foot.

There are many things I do not like about this – firstly the red binding! I also hate the machine sewing in blue on the binding – it sticks out like a sore thumb 🙁

But what really makes me cringe is the back!

Back of quilted top for wound table - UGLY!
Back of quilted top for round table – UGLY!
Kaleidoscope quilt block table top
Kaleidoscope quilt block table top – unquilted!

I did like it much better unquilted.

 I would love to give it away, but am going to keep it – as a reminder of how bad I was, when I (hopefully!) become better.

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