A taste of honey for the Queen Bees…

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

… and some Christmas cheer!

What do you do as a quilter when you owe your Queen Bees something for their block parties? Try to sweeten up things a bit, right?

Queen Bee for Desi Quilters Bee Desi for September, Vidya had to wait till now for her block! For not killing me, she gets this little Scottie (whom she has named Patchy) to guard the felt  farm animals she is making for her grand-daughter.

Patchwork dog
Scottie for Vidya

I had the pattern from my first patchwork book “All About Patchwork” (published Marshall Cavendish Ltd., London 1973).

It is made with 1.5″ squares from a jelly roll, partly machined, partly hand sewed;  the ears and tail are paper pieced! It uses 92 squares – 30 for either side and 32 for the centre strip. I would highly recommend EPP if you decide to make this yourself. Sew the toy shapes first (remember to reverse the front and back!) and then  join the 32 square strip.

My only regret – wish I had used brighter fabric for it – it should probably look delightful in bright solids.

October Queen Brinda deserved something for not asking me even once for her block. Since she celebrates Christmas in a big way, I made her this little festive quilt which could be used as a mat.  Or she could use it as a wall quilt, if she added a sleeve.

Christmas Quilt for Brinda
Miniature Christmas Quilt

I was inspired by a mini-quilt I saw on flickr.com, but am sorry am unable to trace it now:-) Shall add the acknowledgement as soon as I find it again. The 4-patch blocks are 1.5″ square made by my easy/ quick 4-patch method, which I shall tell you about in another blog! The buntings are fused using Heat and Bond (red). A few buntings are 3-dimensional, made by adding fabric to the back and attaching them only on the top.   Brinda is a great hand quilter, so I wanted to add a bit by hand to it.  So I embroidered tiny motifs in gold thread. This was the first time I did  whole quilt by my new Brother, so it is not as neat as I would wish, but…

So, we come to November.

Scrappy, quilted cozy for small scissors - front
Quilted cozy for scissors

I made a block in prints instead of solids for Queen Nirmala.

Quilted, scrappy cozy for scissors - back
Back of scissors cozy

And made this little scissors cozy to make her feel a little better

(Psst…do you recognise the prints from Vidya’s Scottie? I used the one inch strip leftover from the jelly roll after cutting 1.5″ squares to make this 😉 )




For December, I was not late 🙂

But…the mess that I made of poor Elvira’s block is really nobody’s business. Besides cutting it wrong and sewing wrong pieces together, I had a lot of thread tension problems, which no amount of fiddling with the tension knob could sort. Adding to my woes, I could not find my 1/4″ seam! I would have made her another block, but I had no other black cotton thread and a friend told me it was not available in the market either. Perhaps Elvira, who sews so beautifully, will be able to tell me how to adjust my machine!

The only good thing was that I had a lot of  hsts – a by-product of Elvira’s flying geese, besides a few rectangles left over. I decided to put them together to make a mini quilt for Elvira. I do think it looks quite Amish, I wish I had the confidence to do some more quilting on it!

Amish style miniature quilt
Amish style miniature quilt. A little egg-cozy made by MIL poses with it !
Amish style mini quilt
Back of Elvira’s mini quilt – with my mother’s play tea-set from 1937!






























So those were the gifts I really enjoyed making! Before I sign off, here is wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Quilt
Be Merry!

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  1. What a nice gesture, Madhu! I’m sure your fellow bees were amazed and delighted with your lovely peace offerings 🙂 Thanks for the great read and glad you’re back to blogging. And a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to all.

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