Dreamcatcher Rainbow Round the Year Quilt – Fabric Requirement

If you like this colourway for your Round the Year Block of the Month quilt, there is good news for you. I have worked out the fabric requirements – but again a disclaimer! This is an estimate based on my calculations.  Again, I hope these will not be too far off the mark!

The measurements given in the first table are for fabric requirement for 16 circles that are inset into squares to make up the quilt. (Measurements for the background fabric are given in a different table.) In India, most fabric is available in 34″ – 36″ width, so I give that requirement in the last column.

Fabric for 16 circles

Colour Fabric 40-44″ width Fat quarters18″ x 20″ Fabric 34- 36″ width
Black solid 1/4 yard 1 FQ 25 cms
White solid 1/4 yard 1 FQ 25 cms
Cobalt/ bright/ sky blue 2 yards( You could also take two shades of same blue – 1 yard each) 8 fat quarters 2 metres
Dark Grey solid 1 1/2 yards 6 fat quarters 1.5 metres
Light Grey solid 1 1/2 yards 6 FQs 1.5 metres
*Black and whilte print/s 2 yards 8 FQs 2.5 metre
Solids ( scraps will do) in at least 8 bright/ neon colours across the spectrum – except sky blue Assorted, totalling up to 1 yard ½ FQ (1 fat eighth) each colour Assorted scraps totalling up to 1 metre
  • Suggested : Modern geometric / text small –medium sized black and white prints


Background fabric

This gives the total fabric requirement. If you plan to use 2 or more fabrics, the yardage would need to be adjusted accordingly. You could use white, black, grey/s or blue ( same blue as used in the circle). You could purchase the background fabric once you have all the circles done. Since these circles have a modern look, a modern setting with lots of negative space would probably look good.

42-44″ width 34″-36″ width Fat quarters
Single 18″ Block 12.5″ X 20″ or25″ X 10″ 1 fat quarter ( cut 20″ X 12.5″) 1 fat quarter ( cut 20″ X 12.5″)
16 blocks (72″ x 72″ quilt without border and sashing) 3 yards 3.5 metres 16 fat quarters
16 blocks ( 90″ x 90″ )
Including borders and sashing
5.5 yards 6 metres

I have given above the requirement for a single block, so that if you plan making fewer blocks, you can do your own calculations!

Backing and batting

Backing fabric 42-44″ width 34″-36″ width Batting
16 blocks (72″ x 72″ quilt without border and sashing) 4 ½ yards 6.75 metres 80″ x 80″
16 blocks ( 90″ x 90″ )
Including 4″ overage
7.5 yards 7.5 metres 100″ x100″


If you are buying pre-cut batting, you would need Double/ Full size batting for the smaller quilt and King Size for the bigger one.


2.5″ wide binding Length of binding required 42-44″ width fabric 34″- 36″ width fabric
16 blocks (72″ x 72″ quilt without border and sashing) 300 inches length 5/8 yard (55 cms) 65 cms
16 blocks ( 90″ x 90″ )
Including borders and sashing
370 inches length ¾ yard (70 cms) 75 cms

Here Fabric requirement – Rainbow Round the Year is a downloadable PDF file with the fabric requirements.  You will need Adobe Reader ( available for free download online) on your laptop to be able to view this file.

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