A Small Delay in Block Two…

Happy Independence Day to all Indians across the globe!
Not very good news at my end this morning. My laptop is bothering me no end! It has a screen all stretched out – just looking at which is driving me crazy. And the wi-fi is not working.
To get back to the beginning, it crashed a week ago back and had a lot of “bad sectors”. I got it back from the service centre with a new hard drive this morning. Thankfully, they have managed to save all the data, which includes all the detailed designs and templates for the Round the Year Quilt. (All except the photos, which they are still extracting from the old drive! I have my fingers crossed – that drive has all my pictures from the last ten years!)
But it seems they put in the wrong ‘driver’ and the screen resolution is all wrong. And they can’t find the appropriate ‘driver’ for the broadband! They have connected it to the net through a cable, but that is painfully slow. I can take a short nap in the time it takes to move from one page to the next!
To cut a long story short, you are not going to get the pattern for the second block of the Round the Year quilt until I can get it in some kind of working order!
This is being posted from my iPad, by the way!

While you wait and I can master my ill temper and get working on that laptop again, here are two more gorgeous Dahlias and a divine lotus that some very talented ladies have made! Enjoy!

Tina Katwal's White Lotus
The sacred White Lotus by Tina Katwal
Diptee's Gem - the Torquoise Dahlia
Diptee Raut’s Dahlia in soft aquas
Sobana's Indigo Dahlia
The Indigo Dahlia(or `Nilopatal’ as she like to call it) by Sobana Sundar

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