Rainbow Venus – Block Five of Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt

This is Rainbow Venus, Block Five of the Block of the Month Quilt, Dreamcatcher Round the Year. I have named it after the birth star for those born in October, like my husband and son! Completely paper pieced, It is inspired by the beautiful folded star, which is made by folding squares or circles of fabric around a centre point. The block is 18′ square with a 15″ inset circle.

I used Quilt Assistant free software to design this block.

The quilt itself is being designed in two colourways, Dusk and this one, Rainbow. Would you like to see the Venus at Dusk? You can do that and download the pattern from this link.

To get back to the Rainbow Venus, the colour design above uses a black and white geometric/ text modern print to set off fluorescent or bright coloured solids against a blue background, and a hint of grey.

Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions

I like to nicely starch and press my fabric before cutting – besides pressing after each step of piecing – to ensure a neat, crisp finish to my block. By the way, the `x’ in the chart after each Fabric number refers to the number of pieces of the fabric you need to cut. Just so that you can boast about it, there are 112 pieces in this block!


Important – If appliquéing the circle to the background, you need a 19.5” square of fabric#1  instead of 18” x16” specified in chart; do not cut fabric according to templates I and J.


Round the Year Free BOM Quilt
Master Template – Venus Quilt

Print the Instructions file and keep it at hand.

Print all templates from the Templates File in portrait mode at actual size (or 100%) setting on your printer. Note that I have provided only one template of each kind– (viz A. B. I and J) – whereas you need four of each. So you can either print four copies of the templates file, or use any method you like ( like tracing or needle punching) to replicate the templates. If you plan to applique the circle to a background square, do not print the templates I and J on the first two pages of the Templates File.

I like to cut out the templates just a little larger than printed and trim to size after piecing. For this block, one can use a rotary cutter for trimming the straight sides after piecing, for a neat finish.


The 8 templates A to H are pieced like individual two-sided log cabin blocks, beginning with the centre piece as Piece#1. Align the straight edge of the strip with the printed seam line at each stage. It saves time if you work on all the templates at the same time. Complete the piecing at each step, trim the seams and press, before moving to the next step.


Join the 8 wedges to respective background pieces using the colour design and the Master template as a guide. Join in pairs to make the 4 squares that make up the block. Assemble these to make up the full block. The Master Template is a mirror image of the final block, which should not really matter here, as the design is symmetrical.

Step by step piecing instructions, with photographs, are available on this post with the Venus at Dusk pattern.

I leave you to consider two more options that I liked, when designing this block. Or, you could try out your own colour combinations on the Master template.

Happy star gazing!

Paper Piecing Templates for Rainbow Venus, Block Five of the Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt

Instructions File and Fabric Requirements for Rainbow Venus, Block Five of the Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt.

Please note that the downloadable patterns and instruction files for the Dreamcatcher Round the Year quilt blocks are being migrated to my store MadsPatch and will not be available for download for free from 15th November 2020 onwards.

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