The Blocks That Didn’t Make It…

My doctor says I still cannot get back to my sewing machine for another week or so at least! What could be worse? But, at least, I am allowed on the laptop for longer hours now. So I thought I would sit and chat with you and share a bit more about the evolution of the blocks for the quilt Round the Year. ( I did tell you I use a free software Quilt Assistant to design  blocks for my quilt, didn’t I?)

Here are versions of the card trick block I tried out before settling on the one we finally made for the Round the Year Quilt!



Don’t you think the circular cards blocks are pretty? Perhaps this will still make it to the final sixteen for the Block of the Month Quilt…

And here is an eight point star…

…which became this Sapphire Block…

Sapphire - Block Four Round the Year
Jaya Parker made this stunning Block 4, inspired by the colours of Swarowski Aurora Borealis Crystal

The Ribbon Star was designed because I so wanted to try out a hexagonal log cabin.

But it was abandoned in favour of the Venus , also pieced like ( half a) log cabin.

Vicki Treroto;a's Amethyst Venus















By the way, this is where the Evening at the Pond block originated!

Do you know I still have all the templates for these blocks? Not tested, though! They are more difficult than the blocks we are making for the Round the Year quilt.

I hope you enjoyed looking at them. Once I am done with this BOM, perhaps I will try these too and share the patterns with you…

Have a great day!



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8 thoughts on “The Blocks That Didn’t Make It…”

  1. Love the first 2 blocks.

    Decided I didn’t care for using batiks at all, so started over with new fabrics. Will finish your block tomorrow I think.


    1. Ohh! I do think your Card Trick block is very pretty. You can possibly make it the centre of a table cloth, with a border of flying geese? Thanks for the test block – hope it went okay…

  2. Get well soon, Madhu. If you ever choose to try Ayurveda for your back there are some traditional places that I can recommend which have worked well for some.
    The blocks are all pretty in their own way. Hope to catch up soon.

  3. Madhu if you have templates for the circular card block( the red and white one ) I wondered if you would mind sharing with me. I would like to try it instead of the original card trick that was posted. I have already made the outer ring but have been dragging my feet on the ‘cards’. I do think the circular ones are vey pretty and would give me additional practice on circular blocks . On a side note I am wondering if you are doing any physical therapy for your back? Hope you feel better soon. Regards Jaya

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    1. Will mail you the templates, Jaya. I hope the outer ring is the same width, or you may need to adjust that. I was not allowed anything but a few stretching exercises in the acute phase. I begin physiotherapy today. Thank you for your concern 🙂

  4. Dear Madhu

    So very sorry to hear about your back…..hope you get well really soon….Physiotherapy can be horribly painful! Will pray really hard for you to GET WELL SOON, my dear! Meantime…..what an inveterate little quilter you are!!!!!!! Really admire your UNDAUNTED SPIRIT! Tell me Madhu, do you come from an Army background, like I do?
    Just asking…please don’t mind…. and don’t take it as FAMILIARITY or anything, please!


  5. You should blog more about the process. You have taken a lot of trouble to do these patterns and I do hope the response from quilters gets better!

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