Printing on Fabric on Home PC Printer – A Failed Experiment

I wanted to print a label for my apple core quilt which I am gifting to my brother in law and his wife. I do have printable fabric sheets, but they do not go through my printer easily. If at all I can coax them through, they emerge blank. Hence, I decided on using the freezer paper method suggested by the Graphic Fairy to print the label on my tiny inkjet printer. 

I got the apple graphic from Office clip art and typed out my label text on Word. I merged the two on Paint and checked out how it looked.

That looks nice! I prepared the fabric, ironing it on to freezer paper and ran it through the printer. So far so good ; the print looked as good on fabric as on paper. However, I did not take photographs at this stage. 

To set the printer ink, which is not waterproof, I placed the fabric ( paper removed) flat in a tray containing diluted white vinegar, as advised in the tutorial. It obviously did not work. 

I suppose I will eventually have to use the Font Stitch on my machine to write out the text…

While the dark grey is still readable, the orange has totally dissolved and the brown, red and green are barely visible. 
I guess one could try printing it in black only…or I could try one of the other five methods the Graphic Fairy mentions on her site! 

Conclusion : Vinegar did not help set the ink. Method not recommended if you plan to wash the fabric.

Author: Mads

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