Feeling Proud…

What can be more thrilling than seeing your designs coming to life?

Sobana Sundar has finished piecing all her Round the Year blocks.  She has also joined the majority of them to the background, something I am yet to do, as I wait for the fabric to arrive from the USA. 

 Aren’t they gorgeous? What is more, she has promised to do a guest post for this blog, telling and showing us the techniques she used to join each circle to its squircle. So, please stay tuned in! 

Author: Mads

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Proud…”

  1. You should be proud! You worked hard on those patterns, and then shared them so generously. I have yet to start, since I just found your site recently, but I have read through the instructions for several of the blocks, and they’re very clearly written. I look forward to starting, once I decide what fabrics to use.

    1. Thanks, Carole! 😊 I recommend you choose solids, near solids or small prints. Bigger prints would probably make the blocks look to busy, though a single big print contrasted or coordinated with solids should work well! I personally loved the Fossil Fern fabric that I used.

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