Crowned? Or Glorified, Pickled and Thorny?

I have always found the glorified 9-patch, which is a nine patch in a circle, very pretty …as also the Pickle Dish block! I drafted this block for my Round the Year quilt, combining the two in one, though this is not truly a pickle dish, and the block looks like a thorny 9-patch to me! So that is what I plan on calling it – the Thorny 9-patch or perhaps the Crowned 9-patch. Unless you can think of something that sounds nicer?

This was left out of the final sixteen that made the cut, as were some others. It would be nice repeated all over in a quilt too, methinks!  I have made one for my Rainbow quilt, which I plan to do with just eight blocks. Meanwhile, I search for appropriate fabric for the  background – the squircles, as I like to call them. I like the idea of using Moda’s Zen Chic Ink ( or Paper) Handwriting or Notes or even Newsprint. The logistics of buying it is not working for me right now.  So, I guess this quilt will have to wait.

I now finally start working on finishing the Dusk quilt. Will keep you posted on the progress!

Meanwhile, will you help me decide which of the two placements of the thorny crowns you like better? I prefer the second, I think!


Do you like this better or the other one?


I prefer this one!


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8 thoughts on “Crowned? Or Glorified, Pickled and Thorny?”

  1. I think if you are just using the one block I would also go with the second option. I am intrigued by your idea to use this as “the” block for a whole quilt…..then it would be fun to mix them up don’t you think?

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