Of Stippling and Feathers


Paper pieced Table runner 15″x45″. The pattern was from Better Homes and Gardens “Quilt Lovers’ Favorites – Vol 4”

This was a runner I completed exactly 4 years ago (to the date!), my first attempt at paper piecing. I used flannel as batting and a polycotton as backing. The binding was 1″ wide, in 4 pieces – one for each side of the runner.  Its edges were folded in and it was attached like a piping, one single stitch line to put it together. It wasn’t quilted either, but I was very proud of it!


When I first discovered the joys of paper piecing…

Over time, the pieced top shrank, the flannel shrank even more and the backing remained unmoved.

About two years ago, I took apart the 3 layers and there they lay, till yesterday when I decided to practice some ‘serious’ ( by my standards) free motion quilting on it. Now, the flannel batting and the backing have both moved and are about 1/2″ short!


The batting and backing both fall short!

Tuesday and Wednesday are my days for working on my Nearly Insane block patterns. On Thursday and Friday I work on other new projects. So I will get back to this on Saturday. Meanwhile, please admire my micro stippling and of course, my feathers. I used the ‘bump’ method to make them.

I think it was prettier without the quilting … but then, a quilter has to learn to quilt!

I changed to my expensive thread midway through this and after that everything moved like a dream! I hadn’t quite believed it when I  read it, but using good quality thread does make a massive difference to how your quilting looks! Not that that makes me happy. It only means my hobby becomes even more expensive. Perhaps I should start selling my patterns now…Unless people are willing to send Aurifil thread to me in exchange for my patterns?

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