Red and White Mini Completed -For Now


I always wanted to make a red and white mini! This is 10″ x10″

I am not very happy with the quilting. Am in two minds whether to rip the machine stitching and do the white border by hand. I do think it would be worth the while. The shabby quilting adds no value to the quilt. I also need to block it and add a label. All this will have to wait. I have had enough of it for now!

One more thing…every quilt needs a name.  What do you suggest for this?



  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!
    I’m working on a pineapple quilt now. Trying to figure out your border. Are they quartered pineapple blocks with more of your red?
    It is just perfect!♥️

    1. Thank you! 😊No, that is the delectable mountains block. I have mentioned in a previous post where the paper piecing pattern is available for free. I think her site was buzzinbumble(?) You could check my previous blogpost. I drafted my own pattern, because I wanted 1″ high blocks and her smallest block was 2″ high.

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