Red and White Mini Completed -For Now


I always wanted to make a red and white mini! This is 10″ x10″

I am not very happy with the quilting. Am in two minds whether to rip the machine stitching and do the white border by hand. I do think it would be worth the while. The shabby quilting adds no value to the quilt. I also need to block it and add a label. All this will have to wait. I have had enough of it for now!

One more thing…every quilt needs a name.  What do you suggest for this?


Of Delectable Mountains and Pineapples…

I posted just a couple of hours ago and I am back again and this is the reason why!


How does one quilt this?

My red and white miniature quilt top is ready! It finishes at 10″x 10″ and has 505 pieces, including the 4 pieces for the white inner border.

The border was the most insane bit of paper piecing I have ever done and I would not even have attempted it had I not chanced upon the most wonderful free tutorial and pattern for the delectable mountain border here. She has the cleverest way of paper piecing! I had such a ‘duh’ moment when I saw what she does. This technique will come in really useful in my Nearly Insane blocks and I will definitely share it with you when I use it. By the way, I have not used the pattern given on the website, only her technique. My ‘blocks’ for the border finish at 1″x 2″, whereas her patterns are for larger (though still mini) blocks.

I will also never, never, ever make a border like this again. Once is enough, in fact, more than enough!

Now for the quilting? How on earth can this be quilted? Hand quilting will look pretty, but I do not relish the idea of trying to push the needle through those seams by hand. I do need suggestions!