Renaming the Round the Year Quilt…and… A Surprise!


The quilt and the quilting…
As promised in my previous post, here is the link to Sobana’s blog, The Quilt Bug, where you can see more pics of her awesome Round the Year quilt. ( While you are there, you must see the other awesome work she has been doing!) As I told you she is the first person I know to have finished the quilt, and that includes me.

Sobana is of the opinion that I should rename the quilt to something short and sweet, something catchy, instead of `Round the Year’ which was okay when it was a Block of the Month but too vague otherwise. Eventually, I do plan – when I have the time  ( when does one ever have the time?) – to make an e-book including all the block patterns, layouts etc in one place. So I am now veering around to her way of thinking. Her suggestions include “Starstruck’ and ‘ Milky way’ and ‘Dreamcatcher’. I love the name ‘Dreamcatcher’, but I was also considering ‘Mandala’, because it has an Indian flavour! 

Which of these names do you like? Or do you have a suggestion of your own? Do get back to me in the comments section by the 31st of December. Who knows, the New Year may get you a surprise gift from me if I choose the name suggested by you! 

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