The Round the Year Quilt – First on the Finishing Line!

I am so, so proud to present to you the first completed Block of the Month Round the Year quilt – by Sobana Sundar. Those of you who have been following the quilt would know she tested many of the blocks for me.


Sobana Sundar’s Round the Year quilt follows the Dusk colourway. Many of her fabrics are handpainted by her. A few are batiks.

Sobana used the Layout Option 2, modifying it somewhat as she wanted to use the quilt-as-you-go (QAYG ) method to quilt it. She joined the blocks in four square (2×2) panels and added the borders on two adjoining edges on each panel. She then quilted these panels before joining them. She will be doing a blogpost on her own blog. Once that is done, I will add a link here!

The Layout Option 2 modified for QAYG
The Layout Option 2 modified for QAYG

Isn’t it just gorgeous? Her beautiful quilting has added so much to the design. Here is another look at the quilting!

A closer look at the gorgeous quilting!
Another look at the gorgeous quilting!

You can make your own quilt, using the free block patterns with tutorials for each, which were published on this blog July 2014 onwards. All the links are available here.

If you make your quilt, or even a few blocks, please post the pictures on my facebook page ‘Patchwork of My Life’!  I look forward to that!


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8 thoughts on “The Round the Year Quilt – First on the Finishing Line!”

  1. The finishsed quilt is lovely. I use a similar method to quilt large quilts on my domestic machine. I usually split the quilt into 3 or 4 lengthwise sections, quilt them and then join them together. It makes it so much easier than trying to wrestle a whole quilt under the small space on my machine.

  2. How beautiful. You have creater an ode to life and beauty using fabric and thread and love. It is like the sunrises and sunsets that make us stop and pull over the car and savor every moment.

  3. I absolutely love,love,love your quilt! It is so beautiful! You are amazing! And to think that you are sharing it with us! Thank you so much! Sue

    1. Thank you, Sue! All of what I have learnt about quilting has been for free, through generous quilters on the net. Even the software I designed these blocks on is free. This is repayment of a debt of gratitude to all those wonderful people! ☺️

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