Quilting the Off-Centre Mariner’s Compass

Quilting on yet another block completed today!

Here are some close ups of the quilting on Southward Bound, which was the seventh block of the Dreamcatcher Round the Year Quilt.

‘Stitched in the ditch’ with a bit of echo quilting.

I used the walking foot to ‘stitch in the ditch’ all the needles and the inner circles.

i decided against doing any more quilting on the inner circles. Any suggestions?

I debated if I needed to quilt the middle ( blue) offset circle, but decided against that.

Getting the hang of doing free motion quilting with the machine on auto-mode.

I am getting the hang of free motion quilting now! I am absolutely certain that you cannot get good results ( as a beginner, at least) if you do not use good quality thread and needles. For this block, I used a Schmetz needle and Sulky threads and the difference it made was amazing!

A picture of the back will give a better idea o the quilting on the wedges!

The quilting shows up much better on the back, doesn’t it?

This was a block which was more difficult to draft than to put together!  Would you like to make your own 18″ block? You could make a mini quilt with a single block or even frame it! The free pattern is available here.

You could do a really modern version to , like I have done, in ‘Rainbow’ colours. As soon as I finish this quilt, I will start putting together the Rainbow Dreamcatcher too!

The centre circle is also a smaller compass! However, the pattern is not given for this centre.

Here is the full block!

Quilting done! On th Dreamcatcher Round the Year quilt – Block Seven Southward Bound

I move next to the Winding Ways Block. Mulling over how I shall tackle that!


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