A Quilted French Rose …

   I have been gathering some Kaffe Fasset fabrics and scrolling Pinterest and the Internet  for a suitable pattern to showcase the gorgeousness. And then, a few weeks a beautiful quilt showed up on my Pinterest! The French Rose quilt pattern by Heather French was used to make a delicious quilt in  Fasset fabrics. I wanted that for my daughter. 

The pattern is available on Amazon, but not in downloadable format nor do they ship to India!  Needing instant gratification, I had to draft my own pattern. 


The drafted pattern.
I cut out some fabric from my stash to see if the pattern would work…


I added an extra petal ring to the original four in the Heather French pattern
The Rose is about 6″ on a 10″ square. I made a sandwich with the batting and backing and straight stitched 1/4″ inside from the outer edge, using a walking foot. I zigzagged the inner edge, just to secure the ring better. 

In no time I was done with the flower and did some echo quilting around it. I trimmed it down to 9″ so that one width of the green fabric would suffice for the binding.  But look at what I discovered as I reached the last edge of my binding! 


Discovered a tear on the binding!
There was a tear in the binding fabric! This is how I got around that!


A petal stuck on the binding to hide the tear!
And so we were done. 


Before soaking overnight.
I soaked it in water overnight to fray the edges, but…we were not yet done! Discovered this the next morning! 


A stain on the washed quilt
A stain that wouldn’t go away. Simple enough to handle, right?  Just stick a leaf on top! 


A ‘falling’ leaf hides a stain in the little quilt!
So here it is, my little French Rose quilt – with falling leaf and petal! Sweet, isn’t it? Can’t wait to get the Dreamcatcher quilt over and done with so that I can start on this one.


The littleFrench Rose quilt inspired by Heather French’s pattern

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    1. I just sketched a few petal rings – there is no pattern as such. I think I have misplaced them and will have to draw them again when I actually sit down to do the blocks.

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