Winding My Way Through the Last But One! 


Does anything need to be done in the centre?
I used the walking foot to quilt those lines.  I did venture on some feathers for the four ‘petals’ but with disastrous results. 


Is that ugly, or what! ?!
Why, just why, can I not wrap my brain around feathers?  Actually, I don’t think God intends me to quilt them, so I shall stay away from them henceforth. 

The last block is the double wedding ring and then I start working on the dark blue ‘border’. 

Author: Mads

In alphabetical order: daughter, mother, painter, philosopher, poet, quilter, seeker, wife...

2 thoughts on “Winding My Way Through the Last But One! ”

  1. A simple way to conquer the feathers would be to draw them with a pencil and fmq over it. Drawing is your forte so…Don’t give up.

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