The Lotus in the Mandala


The eight petalled lotus in the centre of the mandala….
( The foundation paper piecing free pattern for Block Fourteen ‘The Almost Fractal Mandala’ of the Round the Year Dreamcatcher quilt can be found here.)

Catching Up on the Dreamcatcher – Round the Year Quilt

A lot many visitors, a short vacation, a couple of sicknesses – life has been quite topsy-turvy at this end. Finally got to do some quilting on the second panel of the quilt. 


The second quilt-as-you-go panel …
A glimpse of the back…Don’t you love the backing fabric? Tina Katwal of The Square Inch found it for me! 


The quilt back! I got a gift of Sulky threads from my son ; am really enjoying fmq now!

I am a bit undecided about the outermost dark blue. How do you think I should quilt it?  And then, should the quilt thread be a shade lighter that shows up the quilting or a matching dark blue that merges into it?  What do you suggest? 

While you decide, here is a closer look at the two blocks I quilted last week.


Evening at the Pond
Card Trick Block

The third panel is all basted – I hope I can get some quilting done tomorrow too! Happy quilting to you! 

Of Dahlias and Asters

Today is World Quilting Day and I am guilty of having done no quilting at all! To make up for it, I will share the two  flower blocks I have recently finished from the Dreamcarcher Round the Year Quilt. These are from one of the five quilt-as-you-go panels that will be joined to make the full quilt. Some of the background is, therefore, left unquilted.  


Block Eleven The Blue Aster


I hope you are getting some quilting done? 

You can find the links to the patterns for these and other blocks of this quilt by clicking on the ‘ Dreamcatcher Round the Year’ page above! Or visit MadsPatch, my online store for immediate downloaad of  .PDF files.

Progress on Quilting the Dreamcatcher Round the Year!

There is some progress on the first of the five (quilt-as-you-go) panels that will make up this quilt. Here is a look!

I haven’t posted for a long time because I have worked only sporadically on the quilt. Today, I seem to be getting somewhere! Here are some pictures.

The block Sapphire Fire is done!


Block Four Sapphire Fire

As is Dozens Squared…


Block Twelve Dozens Squared is finished too!

The Spiked Dresden needs a little quilting on the blue background under the ‘petals’, which will not be stitched down.


The Spiked Dresden, Block Eight – I love this!

The fourth block in this qayg ( quilt as you go) panel is the Mariner 24. Just the tiniest bit of quilting on the inner compass and we are done. Although, I am not quite sure if I like what I am doing there and have half a mind to rip it and do something else!


Do you think i should do something different in the blue area in the inner compass?


I just realized that this was every fourth block of the Block of the Month – 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th! Not by design, though!

I hope I will be able to finish this panel in a couple of days; a lot of the background still remains to be done. What is everybody else doing? Happy quilting to you all!

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