An Idle Time…

It is almost two and a half months since I last posted! I have been laid up with sciatica again, which means no quilting.  Just as I thought I was getting better last week, yesterday I had a relapse. Not good. I do want to finish the Dreamcatcher! 

I spent today afternoon removing foundation paper from my Just Takes 2 quilt. Now to trim the thread and iron the seams. It will be my next quilting project, so I am getting it ready! 


The offending threads yet to be clipped…
Meanwhile, my quilting friend Sobana Sundar of held a workshop at the Tsala Studio, Bangalore to teach paper foundation piecing, using the pattern for the Evening at the Pond block from the Dreamcatcher quilt . Vatsala Kamat, who runs the Tsala Studio, is an awesome quilter! She does the most gorgeous English paper piecing and hand applique. Do pay her a visit if you happen to be in Bengluru! 

Here are some pics of the workshop. Sobana’s version of the Dreamcatcher quilt can be seen in the background! 


The workshop at Tsala Studio
…proud and happy!

Here is Sobana’s Evening at the Pond round table runner and the Round the Year Dreamcatcher quilt! She has used the Layout Option 2. Most of the fabric used by her was dyed by her!  Stunner, isn’t it? 

You can find the patterns for all the sixteen blocks with detailed instructions linked here!

You could start with this block, it is the simplest. Happy quilting to you. I can only browse the net and dream up new quilts to make. 

Catching Up on the Dreamcatcher – Round the Year Quilt

A lot many visitors, a short vacation, a couple of sicknesses – life has been quite topsy-turvy at this end. Finally got to do some quilting on the second panel of the quilt. 


The second quilt-as-you-go panel …
A glimpse of the back…Don’t you love the backing fabric? Tina Katwal of The Square Inch found it for me! 


The quilt back! I got a gift of Sulky threads from my son ; am really enjoying fmq now!

I am a bit undecided about the outermost dark blue. How do you think I should quilt it?  And then, should the quilt thread be a shade lighter that shows up the quilting or a matching dark blue that merges into it?  What do you suggest? 

While you decide, here is a closer look at the two blocks I quilted last week.


Evening at the Pond
Card Trick Block

The third panel is all basted – I hope I can get some quilting done tomorrow too! Happy quilting to you! 

Final Countdown – A Dozen More…

The first four completed blocks. In all of these, the background is pieced to circle wedges/ quadrants.

A quick photo post to share the four Round the Year blocks completed.
Clockwise, beginning from top right, these are

Block Four – Sapphire Fire

Block Two – Evening at the Pond

Block Five – Venus at Dusk

Block Thirteen – Feathered Star

You want to make your own blocks? You can find the links to the free patterns from the Round the Year page.( Link above) 

About Eye Candy, Mental Blocks and Blocks Round the Year

I see to have hit some kind of a mental block trying to do calculations for the Layout Option 3 for the Round the Year Quilt. So I decided to share the real blocks that people have been making, using the free Block of the Month patterns on this blog!  Links to the patterns for these blocks are given towards the end of this post.

A few of the Dahlia blocks had been shared earlier, on  this post. Here comes some more magic…

Block 1 Dahlia

Cindy Ellerbe's Ribbon Dahlia
Cindy Ellerbe’s Ribbon Dahlia
Vicky Trerotola
Vicky Trerotola’s Purple Dahlia
Revathi Sampath
Revathi Sampath’s Blue Ribbon Dahlia
Jaya Parker's  Colour Wheel
Jaya Parker’s Colour Wheel

Block  2 Evening at the Pond

Anuradha Ramesh
Anuradha Ramesh’s Rainbow lights up the Evening at the Pond
Devi Nair
Devi Nair’s Peaceful Evening
Diptee Raut
Diptee Raut’s geese circle a green-blue algae infested pond against the pink sunset!
Jaya Parker
Jaya Parker’s gorgeous colour wheel!
Vicki Trerotola EveatPond
Vicki Trerotola’s purple evening…


Here are blocks 3 and 4 by Vicki…

Vicki Trerotola
Vicki Trerotola’s Card Trick
Vicki's Sapphire Fire - actually, her Amethyst block!
Vicki’s Sapphire Fire – actually, her Amethyst block!

This is the test block that Anuradha Ramesh did for me , Block 4, Sapphire Fire.

Anuradha Ramesh's Block 4
Anuradha Ramesh’s Block 4

After Anuradha finished this block, I came across a picture of a gemstone that is uncannily similar to her block – the Ametrine.

The Ametrine - a gemstone
The Ametrine – a gemstone

Isn’t that amazing?

Those of you who are interested, can find the block patterns on these links. There are step by step instructions for making them, too!

Block 1 Dahlia

Block 2 Evening at the Pond

Block 3 Card Trick

Block 4 Sapphire Fire

Before I sign off to do more calculations on the third layout option for the quilt, I will let you have a peek at what I am designing…

Layout Option 3 - inspired by the Chopsticks Quilt by
Layout Option 3 – inspired by the Chopsticks Quilt by

Wish me luck! And happy quilting to you 🙂




Assembling the Evening at the Pond Block

I had posted the instructions for piecing the second block of my block of the month quilt, Round the Year, here
When I left you, this is where we were, 16 templates pieced and ready for assembly, using the master template as a guide.

Evening at the Pond templates ready to be assembled
Evening at the Pond templates ready to be assembled


Actually, with this picture, gasping in admiration at what you had put together!

Paper piecing done!
Paper piecing done!

So after you’ve finished admiring your templates, head back to the sewing machine. This will come up really fast, and before you know, your block will be ready!
The order of piecing will be
1. Template A to template I; B to J; C to K….H to P!
Place templates A and I right sides together and push pins to align them. Secure with pins along the seam line and remove the hanging pins.

Pond and flying geese template pinned together
Pond and flying geese template pinned together
Hanging pins removed
Hanging pins removed

Sew all the pairs, AI, BJ, CK…HP. Remove the paper from the seams and the paper pieces that do not have alignment markers.

Press seam line in alternate directions  – as in the corresponding pond template.

And then there were eight!
And then there were eight!

Join these eight segments in pairs to make quarter circles. AI to BJ, CK to DL, EM to FN and GO to HP. If you want you can remove the paper pieces on the pond templates now.

Align the two adjoining segments with pins. I need to be very careful at this stage, as I always end up joining the pairs along the wrong edges – pinning helps prevent that.

Two segments being aligned together with pins
Two segments being aligned together with pins


...the hanging pins on the other side
…the hanging pins on the other side

Secure the two sub blocks together with pins and remove the hanging pins. Ready to sew!

Ready to go under the needle
Ready to go under the needle

The quarters are finally ready to be joined to the respective background pieces.

Rainbow against a blue sky!
Rainbow against a blue sky!
The rainbow against a cloudy sky…

The next block is ready to be revealed on the first of the next month! While you get your second block ready, I’ll get my blogpost ready!  Do post pictures of your block on my facebook page Patchwork of My Life!


An Evening at the Pond… Block Two of the Round the Year Quilt

IMG_0272.JPGThis, the second block in my Block of the Month quilt ‘Round the Year’ , is a favourite of mine! For those of you who came in late, this quilt is being made in two colourways. The first, Dusk is in blues, oranges and yellows of a  brilliant sunset, while the second, Rainbow is a more modern version with rainbow colours set against grey and sky blue.

This particular block went through several reincarnations before acquiring its present form, but that deserves its vey own blogpost!  It was tested for me by Nikhat Syeda Arshia and by Sobana Sundar, who has shared her adventure of testing an earlier version of the block here.I am not including any photos in this post to help you along as you construct the block, as I do not have access to them at the moment – they are being extracted from a hard drive which developed “bad sectors”! If you are new to paper piecing, you may like to get your fabric and templates ready and wait for the post with pictures, which should come up in a few days.

But I do have the block pattern, including the paper piecing templates, fabric requirement and cutting instructions, right here… These instructions can also be downloaded in .pdf format from the link at the end of this post.

These are instructions for the “Dusk ” colourway. The fabric requirements for the Rainbow colourway will be shared in a couple of days! Finished Block size: 18″ square with 15″ inset circle The block is paper foundation pieced before being assembled.

Fabric Requirement and Cutting Instructions*

Corrigendum : Read Medium Blue Code 11 as Code 1 in chart above.

When cutting fabric for the background, add a margin of 1/2 ” to 1″ on the outer (straight) edge.

INSTRUCTIONSTake print outs of the .pdf Template file at 100% size. You have the following templates:

  • 8 arc templates numbered I to P for the outer ring of flying geese
  • 8 templates A to H for the inner ‘pond’
  • Template S in 2 pieces S1 and S2 for one quarter of the outside square.
  1. Piecing
  • Piece the templates A to H
  • Piece the flying geese templates I to P
  1. Assembly
  • Join A to I, B to J, C to K …H to P
  • Join AI to BJ to get quarter circle AIBJ; similarly assemble CKDL, EMFN and GOHP
  • Join the quarter circles to Q, R, S and T respectively to get four quarters of your final block.
  • Assemble the 4 squares; square up the block to 18.5″ – we are done!

Refer to the Master template below as a guide when assembling the paper pieced templates.You can also use it to try out your own colour schemes; use colour pencils!

Download files from here:

  1. Block02 Dusk-Evening at Pond Instructions File Revised– Block Two – Dusk – Evening at the Pond
  2. RtY02 Dusk-Evening at the pond Templates– Block Two – Dusk – Evening at the Pond

While all my Dreamcatcher patterns are free and will continue to remain so, may I suggest you visit the webpage of my favourite NGO Samarpan and donate whatever you deem fit towards the wonderful work they are doing to spread joy, peace and happiness through the world?