Reblogging Clouds and Shadows – with Fabric Requirements

Hello! Hope you are having a great day. I realized that I had not given the fabric requirement for the background for Layout Option #1 ! So I am re-blogging the post with the measurements. But before that I would love to share with you the quilt as originally planned – only a few of these blocks made the final cut! Are there any that you would like to see in the final quilt?

Original Round the Year Quilt
Original Round the Year Quilt



I have been trying out various options for the Dusk Round the Year Quilt! I will show you one option in each of the next few posts and include patterns for sashings and borders. The next block, Block # 5, will be posted only on 15th October. In the first two weeks of October, you can catch up with pending blocks, set your circles in squares, ready the borders, sashing, binding etc! Or, if you want to `quilt as you go’ the first four blocks, perhaps you can start on that!

I will post these so that you can decide which one you want to do. Of course, each of the 16 blocks will be different, but you get the general idea!

Round the Year -Dusk (Shadows) Layout Option 1

This is one option I really like. In this layout, the interplay of dark and light grey in the background brings alive the theme of dusk falling. The blocks are simply joined together and a thin 1.5″ dark grey border and binding frames the blocks, making it up to a comfortable 75″ square size.

Here is how the Rainbow Quilt will look, in the same layout…

Round the Year Quilt Rainbow (Clouds) -Layout Option 1


Fabric Requirement

So now to the fabric requirement for these blocks! This will depend on the method you use to set the circles in the blocks.

There are several ways of setting the 15″ pieced circles in the 18″ background squares, each with a different fabric requirement. As I calculate, there are 4 centre blocks set in bright coloured fabric. The remaining 12 are half and half. I am presuming the border and binding will be in the darker coloured fabric. In case you decide to use different fabric for borders and binding, the calculations for that are also included in the charts.

Appliqueing the circles to the squares

You may choose to piece the whole circle and appliqué it to a background square using your favourite method. The fabric requirement for the background, borders and binding is given in this chart.

Fabric Requirement -Round the Year Option 1 – if you are appliqueing full circles on 18″ squares

The poplin that one uses for solids here in India is about 35″-36″ ; after removing selvedges, the usable width is just about 34″, which is what I have used for the calculations. The fabric is available in metres, hence the metrage… Another column gives the requirement in yards for regular 42″-44″ width.

I decided to use the Bamboo App on my ipad to share with you how I would cut my fabric if I were doing this Shadows/ Clouds option. Forgive the untidiness.

Fabric Requirement -Round the Year
Fabric Requirement -Round the Year


  • If using 42″ width dark fabric, it is suggested you cut a panel 18″ x 80″ for the borders and binding, before you start cutting the fabric for the background squares. Cut four strips each of 2″ and 2.5″ from this panel.
  • If using the smaller width fabric, first cut the two 21″ squares and eight rectangles 10″x 19.5″ along the length and then assess how much width is left over. You may need to cut strips along the width of fabric too – remember, you require a total of about 2″x300″ for the borders and 2.5″x 320″ for the binding.

Preparing the background squares for applique:

For the 4 centre blocks: Use the 19.5″ square from the bright fabric

For the 4 corner blocks: Use the two 21″ squares from each of the two fabrics to make HSTs and trim them to 19.5″.

For the 8 remaining blocks : Pair one rectangle 19.5″ x 10″ from each of the fabrics to make a square 19.5″ x 19.5″. Make 8 such squares.

For your convenience, I have given a template for a (quarter) circle with 7.5″ radius (without any added seam allowance). This Template D is downloadable from the link at the end of this post.

Piecing the background to the circle

The block patterns published so far have each included templates and instructions for the background.

There are basically three templates used for the background. These can be downloaded from either the respective block pattern, or even from the link at the end of this post.

In the Dahlia and Card trick blocks, the circle is pieced into halves and joined to 2 of Template C sewn together. In the Sapphire Block, I suggested you join Templates A and B to 1/8 circle wedges.

Here are the fabric requirements (for the whole quilt ) and cutting instructions if you will be piecing the blocks.

Fabric Requirement – Round the Year – Layout Option1, if you are piecing the background for the blocks

This is how I suggest you cut the fabric.( I used quiltassistant free software for this).

For best use of fabric, I have suggested you cut the binding and border strips from the length of fabric if using the 42″-44″ width and from the width of fabric if using the shorter width.

I think that takes care of everything. (It took me three days to write this post, what with all these charts and calculations and diagrams!) Everything except the promised templates.

7.5″ radius circle template

Background Templates for piecing

Fabric Requirement Clouds and Shadows – Round the Year -Layout Option 1

While all my Dreamcatcher patterns are free and will continue to remain so, may I request you to visit the webpage of my favourite not-for-profit organization Samarpan Foundation and donate whatever you deem fit towards the wonderful work they are doing to spread joy, peace and happiness through the world? 

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    1. Thanks, Sobana! The first in the third row is a toughie; dropped it! The other two you mention are there in a somewhat modified format? Why no Mariner’s compass for you ?

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